National Mountain Climbing Day 2021

The National Mountain Climbing Day is celebrated on August 1 every year to honor Bobby Mathews and his friends Josh Madigan that was successfully climbing the 46th peak of New York State’s Adirondack Mountains.

National Mountain Climbing Day|1st August 2020|Benefits, History, Quotes|  Informatic Nishant

 Two young men climbed the high peak of Whiteface Mountain on August 1, 2015. Both Josh and Bobby were formally launched into the Adirondack Mountains in May 2016. As per geologists, a mountain is a landform, which rises around 1,000 feet or more above its surrounding area. Mountains have main geographical significance in our daily life and are responsible to define the natural borders of countries and landscapes. Several people appreciate these elevated features and go for climbing or hiking at the risk of their lives.

1 August - National Mountain Climbing Day - History of indians

Mountain climbing is an adventurous or dangerous hobby for several people with face many challenges. Avatar Singh Cheema became the first Indian for climbing Mount Everest in the year 1965. There were 15 foreigners who had already climbed the highest peak of Mount Everest before Avatar Singh Cheema.

Bachendri Pal was the first Indian woman that climbed Mountain Everest at an age of 30 in the year 1984. Mountain climbing is an exhilarating experience for climbing a mountain and everybody should attempt or try at least once in their life. Several people try to climb the mountain as a hobby with an enjoyable experience for reaching new heights and conquer one peak after another.

Advantages of Mountain Climbing – There are several advantages of mountain climbing are discussed below –

  • It enhances erythrocytes in the body that offers healthy exposure to nature.
  • Mountain climbing is an exercise muscle of the entire body that helps in reducing fat.
  • It’s an adventurous hobby and mentally it teaches a lot about overcoming fears with developing a strong mind.

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