Different Types of Printers

Introduction – A printer is an output device and is connected to a computer is an essential part of the hardware system.

Each e-business firm needs its use most of the time. All the web pages, business pages, purchase and sale details, quotations and order pages, billing pages, and purchase bags, and many more are obtained in the form of print pages from the printer. Since it is one of the most important components of the hardware system.

Types of printers – There are several kinds of printers which can be categorized as Impact Printers and Non-Impact Printers are discussed below –

Impact Printers – These printers are those in which a part of the printer presses upon the paper. These printers can produce carbon copies. They can also produce a character, a line, or a page at a time. Generally, small computers employ a character printer while large computers use line printers. Impact printers cannot produce graphics and are loud in working.

There are some examples of impact printers are as discussed below –

  • Daisy-wheel printers – It is used to get the quality of type is present on typewriters. This printer is also known as a daisy-wheel printer due to the print mechanisms that look like a daisy. The speed of this printer is slow typically 25-55 characters per second.
  • Drum printer – This printer consists of a cylindrical drum, which has raised characters in bands on its surface. In this printer, the number of print positions across the drum is equal to the number that is available on the page. The number classically ranges from 80 to 132 positions and the drum rotates at a rapid speed. The speed of this printer is about 300 to 2000 lines per minute. 
  • DotMatrix printers – This type of printer uses heads that contain 9 to 24 pins and these pins produce a pattern of dots on the paper to form the individual characters. The 24-pin dot-matrix printer is better than the 9-pin dot-matrix printer due to its good quality, produces more dots and clearer characters.
  • Line printer – This type of printer uses a special mechanism, which can print a whole line at once and can print the range of 1,200 to 6,000 lines per minute.
  • Chain printer – This type of printer uses a chain of print characters wrapped around two pulleys with one hammer for each print position.
  • Band printers – Band printer is similar to chain printer but it uses band instead of chain with a fewer hammer.

Non-Impact Printers – are those, which do not press upon the paper and cannot produce carbon copy. However, they are popular due to better print quality and low cost. A laser printer can print in black and other colors on the same page simultaneously by using two separate ink cartridges. It uses a laser beam to form an image and then to transfer it on paper. In an inkjet printer, the electronically charged ink is sprayed through a jet nozzle.

  • Laser printers – Xerox developed the laser printers in the year 1960 when the idea to use laser for creating photos onto a copier drum was first considered. These printers are still widely used in offices as they are usually more efficient than inkjet printers. It also enhances productivity with high paper capacity and print speed.
  • LED printers – It is similar as compared with laser printers. But this printer uses a light-emitting diode rather than a laser for creating images on the print belt as compared with laser printers. These printers are often considered more reliable and efficient than laser printers.  OKI produced LED printers and is inexpensive than laser printers.
  • Inkjet printers – These printers are one of the most common types of printers that are used in both domestic and professional settings. It is developed in the year 1950. Due to its minimal drawbacks and several advantages, inkjet printing technology is still popular among people.
  • Solid ink printers – These printers utilize a unique form of ink technology that is designed for saving money and space on the packaging. During the printing process, the printers melt solid ink sticks. It produces vibrant tones and is made from non-toxic vegetable oils.

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