17 Different Types of Kisses With Their Meaning

Kiss plays an important role in making a strong relationship and is one of the expressions of love and affection between couples and lovers.

There are some of the different types of kisses which are as given below –

  1. Angel kiss – It is a goodbye or a pleasant good morning kiss on their eyelids and indicates having a strong relationship with their partner.
  2. Forehead kiss – This type of kiss shows affection and love with their partner. A forehead kiss also shows the comfort and trust between lovers or couples and also is a starter kiss during an intimation with their partner.
  3. Air kiss – It is one of the kisses which is a more formal side and usually done with your loved ones.
  4. Kisses on the cheeks – This type of kiss indicates intimacy, affection, and love to their partner. Mother also kiss their newborn baby on their cheeks for showing affection with their child.
  5. Underwater kiss – It is one of the adventurous kisses between couples during swimming for a few seconds.
  6. Eskimo kiss – This type of kiss is the act of rubbing nose to each other as a form of greeting and is a unique type of kiss that indicates affection and friendliness rather than romance. Eskimo kiss involves no touching of lips, which can be used between family and close friends, parents, and children.
  7. Kisses on the hand – This type of kiss started in European countries where it was treated as a sign of respect and admiration. Hand kissing represents several meanings that depending on the several situations.
  8. Wrist kiss – It is the enjoyable surprise kiss on the wrist that shares special moments with your female partner.
  9. French kiss – This type of kiss was invented in Great Britain and America and is one of the different types of kisses that may be adventurous because it uses the tongue for stimulating the oral senses of a partner. French kiss indicates a strong physical relationship between couples and lovers.
  10. Single lip kiss – This type of kiss involves a delicate action and often serve as a suggestive act to indicate that you are already into intimacy with their partner. A single lip kiss can involve little sucking between couples and lovers.
  11. Butterfly kiss – This type of kiss indicated exhibiting the caring side of their passion, love, and affection to their partner. During lovemaking, this kiss may represent the delicate and soft elements with their partner.
  12. Earlobe kiss – This type of kiss can be encompassing action that can suddenly stimulate sexuality with their partner.
  13. Shoulder kiss – It is one of the natural places to be kissed during lovemaking with your partner. In this type of kiss, you can simply reach the shoulders of your partner and directly kiss from the backside.
  14. Spiderman kiss – It is an iconic kiss that involves a lot of sensuality then lies down on the bed horizontally and makes comfortable during lovemaking.
  15. Neck kiss – This type of kiss may be referred to vampire kiss is often exchanged before getting intimate and conveys your sexual intentions.
  16. Nose kiss – It is a gentle or typical nose kiss that is made by using lips on your partner’s nose and is one of the beautiful ways for expressing feelings of affection and love.
  17. American kiss – It is similar to a French kiss that involves deep kissing but with no use of the tongue.

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