5 Harmful effects of Particulate Pollutants in the Atmosphere

Particulates – The finely divided solid or liquid particles that are suspended in the air is known as particulates. Some of the examples of particulates present in the air or atmosphere such as Fumes, Spray, Fly-Ash, Dust, Mist, and Smoke. Particulates are a kind of air pollutants that can be solid or liquids such as smoke, dust, and fumes are solid particulates while spray and mist are liquid particulates.

Harmful effects of Particulate Pollutants – There are several harmful effects of the particulate or particulate pollutants are present in the air are as given below –

  • The particulates such as smoke blacken the buildings and our clothes.
  • The particulate pollutants cause various allergic reactions in the human body. They also produce several diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchial.
  • The particulates reduce the visibility by producing haze in the atmosphere. This hinders road and air traffic.
  • The particulates are present in the air which reduces the amounts of solar radiations reaching the earth and hence disturb the thermal balance of the earth.
  • The aerosols such as fog can absorb and concentrate poisonous gases that are present in the atmosphere and causes more serious pollution like smog, especially in the winter season.

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