Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a set of rules that allows the transfer of hypertext between two or more computers. It is also used in accessing the information on the World Wide Web (WWW) is available. This protocol is the description of rules, standards, and messages format that the two computers follow during exchanges of messages. It is a way in which two programs transfer a file across the Internet.

HTTP is also based on the client/server principle, which allows the computer at the user end to contact the server computer that accesses the information and data stored therein. It identifies the resources at the request of the client, in which he is interested. The actual user (client computer) selects the hypertext link on his computer and uses this protocol to contact the server for the action. The server uses HTTP for the accepted request and performs the action.

Generally, hypertext is written in blue color and are underlined. When the pointer is moved with the help of a mouse to a hypertext link, the shape of a pointer is changed to that of a hand that looks like pointing towards it. In this way, any link can be clicked. HTTP also provides access to other protocols such as the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Wide Area Information Server (WAIS).

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