Some Places to visit Lagos


Lagos is a state of Nigeria, which was created in 1967. In this way, it became the 12th state of the country. Previously federal government was taking care of Lagos. If you want to go to Lagos, you must know its location, which is in the South-Western Nigeria.

Lagos is a country

In spite of the fact that this is the smallest state of the country but its urban population is very high In comparison to the total population of the country. Studies have estimated that the population of Lagos increasing by ten times more than that of New York.

Places to visit

Lagos is considered as sixth megacity of the world. People like to visit the state and even want to be a permanent citizen here.

Lagos Island - Wikipedia

There are many places, which people can visit and some of the most popular ones are beaches, Parque Aventura, and many more. Let us know about some of these places.

ยท       Beaches

Lagos has many popular beaches of the world. Praia do Camilo is a popular beach where you can see rock formations sands, colorful flowers, and many other things. The other popular beach is Mela Praia, which the longest beach of the state.

ยท       Parque Aventura

It is an adventurous park where people can come with their family and enjoy the adventures. The park consists of high rope courses and the height of each rope course is different. The difficulty of these rope courses is also different.

Tips to visit Lagos

Here are some of the tips which people need to take care of when they visit Lagos.

  • The climate if the state is hot and humid so people should bring clothes accordingly and also take food and drink in order to prevent dehydration.
  • There are local legends and people have to pay tribute to them.
  • The state arranges Owambe phenomenon and people need to respect it.
  • The traffic management agency manages the heavy traffic in the state.

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