What is ‘Group Dynamics’? What problems are created by informal groups in an organisation?

In order to fulfill their social needs, workers form small groups on the job itself. Management can use groups successfully for the accomplishment of organizational objectives. Groups may help to achieve the organization’s goals.

Group Dynamics:

The social process by which people interact face-to-face in small gathering is called group dynamics. Group dynamics is concerned with the interaction of individuals in a face-to-face relationship. It focuses on team work wherein small groups are constantly in contact with each other and share common ideas to accomplish the given tasks.

Understanding Group Dynamics - YouTube

Each group chooses its leader who may effectively coordinate the group efforts towards the tasks.



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  1. Roser says:

    This is certainly an effective way to work in teams. Interesting! 😊

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for appreciation and reading my post 😊

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