What is radiation? Is it harmful for humans?


It consists of an invisible stream of alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays, possessing a great deal of energy. The radiations are produced during natural radioactivity as well as during the nuclear processes. It is because of these nuclear radiations that the use of nuclear energy can become a health hazard.

Radiation - Definition | Types of Radiation - Ionizing Radiation ...

Types of Radiation:

  • Electromagnetic radiation including microwaves, x-rays and gamma rays
  • Particle radiation such as alpha radiation, beta radiation, neutron radiation
  • Acoustic radiation such as ultrasound, sound seismic waves
  • Gravitational radiation

Effect of radiation on human body

All the radioactive substances are dangerous for human health because of the ionizing nuclear radiations emitted from them. The nuclear radiations have high energy due to which they convert the molecules of living cells into charged particles called ions


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    It is harmful to everyone, if it will get in more contact in the hot sun.

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