PYTHON- History, Features, Uses, and Reason of Popularity

Python is a high-level language with easy-to-use syntax. Anybody who wants to learn computer programming for the first time can try this language.

Intro to Computer Programming and Algorithms using Python Software

Many web and desktop applications can be developed by using this language. With easy syntax and short length code, the language seems to be fun to work on.

History of Python

The development of Python was started in the late 1980s and first version was released in 1991. The language was developed by Guido Van Rossum. The language was named so as its developer loved comedy series of late seventy’s and the name was adopted from Monty Python’s Flying Circus series. The latest version of the language is Python 3.7 which was updated in 2018.

Features of the language

There are many features due to which the language is popular. Some of them have been discussed here.

Easy to learn

Python is very easy to learn and in comparison to other object oriented languages like C++ or Java, the language has easy syntax. The new learners can also learn it easily.

Free and Open Source

The language is a free open source and can be distributed for commercial use. Besides this, the software applications developed in this language can also be sold and distributed to other users.


Python programs are compatible with all the platforms whether it is Windows, Mac, Unix, or Linux. Developers do not have to change anything while porting it from one platform to another.

Extensible and Embeddable

If an application needs high performance then code of C or C++ language can be embedded in the Python code.

High-level interpreted language

There is no need to worry about memory or garbage collection as in the case of C, C++, or Java. Python converts the code to the same machine language, which an OS can understand.

Large standard libraries

Python has a large set of libraries with which users can easily connect the code to the databases. There many functions and developers can use them in their code and make their life easy.

Object Oriented

The languages are object-oriented and so users will not have any problems during programming.

Usage of Python

Many types of software applications can be created using Python. Some of its usage are given here.

Web Applications

Web applications can be easily developed through content management system and various frameworks. Popular frameworks are Django, Flask, Pyramid, Plone, Django CMS.

Numeric computing

Python has many libraries, which a developer can use to do scientific and numeric computing. The libraries used for the purpose are SciPy and NumPy. Other libraries include EarthPy and AtroPy for earth science and astronomy respectively. The language can also be used for machine learning and data mining etc.

Software prototype creation

Though python is slow in executing its code but it is good for creating prototypes. For example, Pygame library can be used to create game prototypes. Function prototypes can be used to create functions with or without arguments or parameters.

Reasons for choosing the language

Here are the reasons as to why to choose the language.

Maintaining the code is easy

Software development is a process in which various types of codes are written. The code should be written in such a way that it could be easily managed in future. Along with this, a software application also needs updates at regular intervals, so in such a case a proper coding is necessary. Coding in Python language is easy to maintain as the syntax is easy. In other languages, punctuation marks are used in the code while in Python English keywords are used for the same purpose. Hence additional code is not needed while making custom applications.

Multiple Programming Paradigm

Python supports several programming paradigms like structured and object oriented programming. Along with this, it also supports aspect-oriented programming. The code of the language can automate memory management. With these features, complex applications can also be developed from Python.

Compatible with various operating systems

Python can run on various operating systems like Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc. Since the code of Python is not compiled, it is interpreted directly so the same code can run on various platforms. Therefore, no changes have to be made in any code if the developer has changed his operating system. For languages like Java or C++, a developer has to compile the same code and then run if the operating system has been changed. This is the reason that developers prefer this language.

Libraries of the language

Libraries available in the language make Python a better language in comparison to other languages. There are many modules in each library, which a developer can use to write his code and develop an application. Developers can add various functionalities in their application without writing any additional code. Users can write codes that perform string operations or that can do calculations. The web applications can be developed by working with internet protocols. A developer can browse through the Python Standard Library documentation to know more about the library.

Open Source Framework

Python is an open-source and so software development expenses are reduced due to this feature. Development time can also be reduced by using Python open-source frameworks, libraries and development tools. Python GUI frameworks can be used to develop desktop applications while web frameworks can be used to develop web applications.

Software Development simplified

Developers can use the language for creating various types of applications whether it is web, desktop, scientific, or numeric. Along with these, the data analysis feature of the language helps to develop complex application using big data tools with the use of data visualization libraries and API. Now Python is also being used to develop artificial intelligence.

Test Driven Development

Developers can create prototypes through the language and build applications directly from the prototype. Developers can use test driven development approach in which they can test the code before imparting it in the main code.

Python Course

There are many tutorials available online with the help of which users can learn the Python languages. Besides this, many institutes in India are also teaching Python and providing certification courses. After successfully completing the course, the institutes provide certificates to the students. Some of the institutes that provide Python course in India are

  • AnalytixLabs
  • Edvancer
  • Imarticus Learning
  • Edureka
  • IMS Proschool

Some institutes provide class based teaching while some provide online teaching.

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