Is celebrating Valentine day is right or wrong


Valentine day – It is also known as Saint Valentine Day which is celebrated on February 14 every year. It is recognized as a commercial and cultural festival of romancing couples and youngsters all around the world. On this day there is no holiday in any country. On this day the lovers express their feelings to friends by presenting red roses, offering confectionaries, sending greetings love cards and visiting restaurants for mostly dinner. Some couples visit to mall for shopping, watch movies, going to park and many more activities on this day.

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In our country celebrating Valentine Day is a controversial issue because it is seen as against our cultural values. Some people believe that valentine day harms the culture of our country and force not to celebrate Valentine day on February 14. It is resulting live-in-relationships in young boys and girls live together illegally without marriage which is not…

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    Always right 🙂

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      Thanks for comment

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