Is celebrating Valentine day is right or wrong

Valentine day – It is also known as Saint Valentine Day which is celebrated on February 14 every year. It is recognized as a commercial and cultural festival of romancing couples and youngsters all around the world. On this day there is no holiday in any country. On this day the lovers express their feelings to friends by presenting red roses, offering confectionaries, sending greetings love cards and visiting restaurants for mostly dinner. Some couples visit to mall for shopping, watch movies, going to park and many more activities on this day.


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In our country celebrating Valentine Day is a controversial issue because it is seen as against our cultural values. Some people believe that valentine day harms the culture of our country and force not to celebrate Valentine day on February 14. It is resulting live-in-relationships in young boys and girls live together illegally without marriage which is not accepted by our society.

Some points discussed in favor and against the celebration of Valentine day are given below

Favor – There are some points which favors the Valentine Day are discussed below

  1. This is a great day for couples and young lovers for expressing their feelings to each other. Generally the boys propose to girlfriends on this day.
  2. It is the day of love and couples give red roses, flowers, greeting cards gifts and chocolates to each other.
  3. On this day, restaurants, hotels, parks, movie halls, and malls are full by lovers. It is becoming beneficial for the companies.
  4. The shops of chocolates, pastries and flower bookies are full on this day.
  5. This day is not only for lover’s day of youngsters and couples but also many people celebrate this day with friends and families also which creates love among them.

Against – There are some points which against the Valentine Day are discussed below –

  1. Some people believe that Valentine day is not suitable for the culture and society as it creates many problems in the families.
  2. It is seen that rape cases are increasing in the society due to midnight parties of boys and girls and drinking alcohol.
  3. It is creating live-in-relationship in our society harming the existing culture.. In this relationship couples live illegally without marriage which is not accepted by their families and the society. This type of relationship increases crimes such as murders, rape, and blackmailing in youngsters. Because of this elder people not like the valentine day.
  4. On this day, youngsters are romancing in a public place such as restaurants, parks, mall, movie hall, and road which is against our traditions.
  5. Due to non acceptance by elders tension is created in the families and the society and many people attack restaurants, parks, gift shops on February 14 every year and beat the youngsters and couples who are enjoying the occasion.
  6. Some girls and boys celebrate Valentine day of different religion and causes tension in the locality.

Discussing the points is of favor and against the celebration of Valentine Day. Awaiting your comments on this issue that celebrating Valentine day is right or wrong.

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  1. ShankySalty says:

    According to Innosity Report Card
    12 lakh 50 thousand adolescents of 13 to 19 years each year in 28 developed countries become pregnant. 5 lakh of them get abortions. 7 lakh 50 thousand virgin mothers become every year. 4.84 million Orphan children are born in the United States. 30 million teenage juveniles are victims of sexually transmitted diseases. Young boys & girls ruining their life during student life forming premarital relationship. Love is innocent, love unites us with God, love unites with Allah. Love is the name of supreme power. The true feeling of love will do well not only India but the entire humanity. Their are few state governments announced officially to celebrate that Regard Mother as a god, Regard Father as a god on February 14. I think every people/young boys/young girls should greet, respect and worship their true love that is parents on this day. And parents should love their children. This love is called real love or true love or divine love. Passion and lust give a bad name to love. This is a big difference between love and lust. Lust gives rise to sexual excitement and thoughtless gratification of desires. I think No Hindu, No Christian, No Muslim, No Sikh parents wants his or her child to be spineless due to premarital relationship. No parents wants his or her child to disobey his or her and violate social norms and succumb to a profligate lifestyle, becomes mean by leading a selfish life, moan and groan in the old age. If the children respect their parents, they will receive auspicious blessings from their hearts which will save these future leaders of the nation from the evils of lust day.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for your comment and reading my post

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  2. Kranti says:

    It’s all about perspective dear 😊

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Yes dear, r u celebrating Valentine day

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      1. daneelyunus says:

        Celebrating Valentine day with ?

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      2. Kranti says:

        With my husband 😊

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      3. daneelyunus says:

        OKkkkk sorry i dont know you are married.

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      4. Kranti says:

        No problem dear 😊

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  3. Check out this slight twist on Valentine’s Day which is celebrated in Japan 🙂

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for visiting my website. Ok i will check


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