Prevention and control of Noise Pollution

In this modern electronic age, it is impossible to control noise pollution completely. If we control noise pollution completely then we will have to forgo the use of many modern gadgets and machines which make our life comfortable or reduce their use drastically. We can less use of private transport such as cars, scooter and motorcycle which are responsible for noise pollution and more use of government transport that reduces traffic jams and noise pollution in the big cities which is a big porblems.

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In marriage ceremony and private parties, youth cannot arrange without DJ song. DJ song is also responsible for noise pollution especially in night which disturbs in the sleeping. The industries cannot production with the use of heavy machines which produce noise pollution.   Thus it is not possible to eliminate noise pollution. But we can reduce the intensity of noise which lowers the harmful effects of noise pollution.

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The noise pollution can be controlled in the several ways –

  1. The factories and industries should be set up outside from the cities to reduce noise pollution.
  2. We should use better and updated designed engines for transport vehicles such as buses, trains, cars, trucks, and airplanes which reduce noise pollution in the city.
  3. The machines of factories should be lubricated from time to time and maintained properly to decrease noise pollution.
  4. We should restrict the use of loud speakers and amplifiers in marriages, parties and many more events to reduce noise pollution. In home radio, stereos, and television should be played at low volume.
  5. The use of those vehicles that produce too much noise should be legally banned.
  6. The trees and plants should be planted along the roads which decrease noise pollution.
  7. There is use of DJ for songs in marriage parties should be banned to reduce noise pollution.
  8. Government should also banned old vehicles which are responsible for noise pollution.

Conclusion – The harmful effects of noise pollution is very severe thus it can be reduced we should cover our ears with hand and also put cotton –plug in our ears. We should also put a cotton plug or keep away from that place of loud noise. Government should also make a plan to reduce noise pollution.

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  1. Jyo says:

    Nice content 👍

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  2. Arooba says:

    We cannot restrict people to stop using loudspeakers and stop calling DJ at their weddings but we can request the government to throw light on the implementation of laws related to them like turning off lights of wedding halls at exact 10 p.m… no matters how much people offer the halls to remain open after 10 :p
    overall very informative post

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      1. Arooba says:

        highfive 😛

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        my pleasure sir ^_^

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        Ok I will visit your page

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  3. I was just watching something on the news not long ago about the very real connection between noise and cardiac health and the more noise, the higher the risk of cardiac arrest. Those sound like some very good solutions.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks sharing for new harmful effects of noise


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      Thanks for appreciation and reading my post


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