Hair Transplant Clinics in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the main cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is famous chappals, shoes which are made up of leather. The city is situated on the bank of Ganga River. The people of the city are facing several problems of pollution such as air and water pollution. Due to the presence of several chemicals in the river from factories several spreading diseases such as anemia, lack of protein, thyroid, deficiency of vitamin B which are responsible for hair loss. Thus hair loss is one of the main diseases in the city and results hair baldness.

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Hair loss and hair baldness are one of the main diseases in the city. The main reasons of these hair problems are air and water pollution. These hair problems are also caused by using fake hair products for hair care but this product harms the hair seriously. Hair fall is also caused by thinning hair continuously and results hair baldness.Loss of hair is also the indication of major disease such as cancer, diabetes and many more diseases.There is 100 hairs fall per day which is normal but more than 100 is serious for a person. Now the younger people are very busy in their jobs and avoid the problem of hair loss for several years thus faces the problem of hair baldness. If any younger person suffer from baldness its look like aged person as compare to age is very frustrating. Most of the old people are suffering from hair problem due to increase in age. Hereditary conditions are also one of the main reasons of hair baldness.  Baldness refers to the major hair loss from the scalp and also caused by high level of testosterone which is especially in men. Some people are afraid for hair transplant and prefer to hide their baldness by different hair styles and hat. I want to tell you about hair transplantation which is very natural and safe. There is good news for the people of Kanpur that there are some Hair Transplant Clinics in Kanpur is opened for the permanent treatment of hair baldness.

Hair transplant is the process of taken hair from the donor area and transplanted hair on the baldness area where no hair grown. Donor area is the backside of the head between the two ears. This transplantation is of two types such as FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicle Unit transplantation). FUE is very popular and inexpensive as compared to the procedure of FUT.  After transplant, hair naturally grows in 3 or 4 monthin same color as compared with earlier one. Hair grows completely in 8 months after the process of hair transplantation.   All the doctors of the Hair Transplant Clinics in Kanpur are proficient in hair transplantation with no pain and side-effects which provides great and amazing results. All the services of transplant are provided by clinics are excellent in the city.

If you are suffered any hair problem including hair problem then searches on Internet and visit Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Kanpur for the treatment of hair baldness.

If you are interested to know about  FUT and FUE then visit this link


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