Best Public Relations (PR) Company in India

Public Relation – It is a process of strategic communication which builds jointly beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

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The professionals in Public Relations help a business or individual for cultivating a positive reputation with the public by various unpaid or earned communications, including social media, traditional media, and in-person engagements. They also help customers for defending their reputation during a crisis which harms their reliability.

There are several Best PR company in India are discussed below –

  1. Public Media Solution – It is fastest leading company in India. The company provides several services such as Web development, Public relation, Mobile app development, E-Commerce, Solution Provider Network (SPN) services and Blockchain. It is also fastest growing Best PR Company in India. The company was launched in 2014 and head office of the company is located in Magarpatta City Pune Maharashtra India. The company work ethics are based on personality, Values, Vision, personality, Thinking, integrity, commitment and client satisfaction. Public Media Solution is selected for best PR public relation company in Pune and also best PR agency in India. The company continuously providing top end branding solution with creativity and mixture of digital innovation.
  2. Weber Shandwick – It is one of the fastest growing Best PR Company in India with two decades of diverse experience. The company delivers 40 markets in all over the country. There are several offices of the company such as Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The approach of the company is to campaign planning is authenticated by being consistency at PR forums and awards all over the world. The campaign for Daughters of Mother India is highly praised by several industry wide accolades of Global Campaign of the Year at the PR week Global Awards in 2017. According to the Holmes Report in 2017, the company also awarded for campaigning of PR in the world. The capabilities and experts in every areas and disciplines such as consumer marketing, crisis management,  healthcare, public affairs, corporate reputation, B2B, technology,  financial services, corporate social responsibility, and  financial communications  which are fully supported with integrated digital capabilities.
  3. Media Mantra – It is one of the fastest growing Public Relation and Image Management consulting firm in India. It is one of the Best PR Company in India. The company was founded in 2012 and presently it is as the most trusted PR agency in all over India. There are several offices of this company such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida , Bangalore and Chennai. The company provides several services such as Public Relation, Press Release, Reputation Management, Risk Assessment, crisis Preparedness Audits, Press Release Management, Digital PR, Brand awareness, Content Building and many more.

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