How to Download and Install zAnti APK for Android

zAnti Apk – Zimperium, Inc. is a private mobile security company which is located in the United States, with several offices in Dallas, Texas and San Francisco, California. This company is well known for developing several mobile threat defense software solutions.

Image result for How to Download zAnti APK for Android

Image result for How to Download zAnti APK for Android

zAnti is a mobile penetration testing toolkit which is developed by Zimperium for cyber security  and allow security assess the risk level of a network. In this app, it allows to simulate malicious attacks on a network. By using zANTI app, you will be capable to perform several types of operations such as MAC address spoofing, MITM attacks, scanning, password auditing, vulnerability checks and many more. In other word, this android toolkit is a perfect companion of hackers.

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zAnti a very powerful android tool and it is a collection of multiple tools are as given below

  1. Security Officers can estimate the network of the organization easily which automatically diagnoses vulnerabilities in the websites or mobile devices by using a host of penetration tests including password cracking, man-in-the-Middle (MITM), and metasploit.
  2. Scan your network in different intensity levels and to identify connected devices, their properties and their vulnerabilities.
  3. Several security gaps in your accessible network and mobile defenses which report the results with advanced cloud-based reporting via zConsole. zAnti are used as a cyber-attacker which can use to identify security holes in your network. Dash-board reporting enables businesses to see the risks and take suitable corrective actions to fix critical security issues.

Zanti in itself is a very powerful tool that all hackers should at least understand how it works on the Android mobile.

How to Download zAnti APK for Android? – Most of the apps are available on the ‘Google Play’ in Android device. If users want to download the zAnti app in our android mobile then firstly go to the Google Play. There are several steps for downloading the zAnti app are discussed below

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. For searching the app, type Zimperiumin the search box.
  3. Click download, when the app display
  4. After all the steps done, the app will be automatically download on your android mobile.

Steps to install zAnti APK for Android? – There are several steps for install zAnti APK for Android are as given below

  1. First of all , you visit the main website and download the app from providing link on your Android mobile
  2. Before the process starts, your Android mobile must be rutted.
  3. After download, now you open the zAnti app so the screen will open, install and Grant Root Permissions
  4. You can enter your e-mail address then check. “ I Accept Zimperium EULA” ,then tap on “Start Now” a box will appear..
  5. If you want to join zNetwork tap on Enable if not click on Skip it.
  6. After completing the process, enable the zANTI By checking “I am fully authorized to perform penetration testings on the network” box.
  7. Click on Finish button and the list of several IP Addresses will be shown for you.

If you following these steps then Zanti App are successfully installed on your Android mobile, now you can easily perform the operation.

Features of zAnti APK – There are several features of zAnti apk which are discussed below

  • By using this app, you can change the MAC address of the device.
  • This app is used for hijack HTTP sessions.
  • You can capture downloads by using this app.
  • zAnti app is used for create a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • You can also modify the HTTP requests and responses.
  • This app is used for check password.
  • It is used in exploit app.
  • You can also check a device for shellshock and SSL poodle vulnerability.

Conclusion – You make sure that the device is rooted properly and installed SuperSU on your device before installing the app on your device.

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