Rae-Bareli is situated in the Uttar Pradesh which is in between Allahabad and Lucknow. It is famous for Sonia Gandhi constituency. Previously Indira Gandhi won Lok Sabha election in Rae Bareli. The name of Rae-Bareli was popular when the Indira Gandhi was defeated Lok Sabha election in Rae Bareli and then she implements an emergency in India. This incident was rise the name of Rae Bareli. Recently Sonia Gandhi, who is a daughter in law of Indira Gandhi, is the Member of Parliament from Rae Bareli. When the Lok elections and Vidhan sabha were conducted the political activities were increased and electronic media was focused in election in Rae-Bareli.

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During the government of UPA  give a priority to Rae Bareli such as better electricity, many trains were started for Delhi, Bangalore,Mumbai,Jammu Tavi, Jodhpur, Hyderabad,  in which the problem of  travel in visited distant places were resolved. Several schools and graduation colleges were opened in the city so that education facility was improved. Previously Indira Gandhi opened an ITI Ltd in Rae Bareli then a thousand of people were get job to reduce unemployment in the city. In last period, the UPA Government will open an AIIMS in Rae Bareli for better medical facility.

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But there were several problems were still remains in Rae Bareli. The process of start an AIIMS was very slow and an ITI Ltd was in great loss in which the unemployment increases in the city. The medical facility in Rae Bareli was not improved. Rae Bareli is a VIP and Congress constituency so that when other political party wins election in the Assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh, ignored the Rae Bareli development works in which the people of Rae Bareli were faces many problems including Electricity problem, water problem, damaged roads, worst drainage system, serious law and order situations which effects the developments works of the city. The traffic problem is another big problem in Rae-Bareli.  Every day the citizen of Rae-Bareli faces several traffic jams and also damaged roads. The roads are damaged in all over the city which creates many problems.

Lack of medical facility is the main problem of Rae Bareli. If any person is suffering from heart problems or any serious disease then goes to Lucknow for treatment. Several patients died due to lack of medical facility. After 50 years, medical facility were worst but during UPA government, not focused on medical facility.

During the UPA Government, ifthe conflict between UPA Government and opposition party in the Uttar Pradesh government were also cause development works in Rae Bareli.

At now, BJP government  in U.P. and centre works for a development in Rae-Bareli including doubling the railway track, open AIIMS and better electricity. When AIIMS open in our district then improve in medical facilities in whole Rae-Bareli district. If doubling the track will completed then train timings will improve and hope for several new trains run in our city.  The road  between Rae-Bareli were fantastic and expect for open companies and decreases unemployment in our city. a I hope that in future  upcoming new Central Government will focus on the development of Rae-Bareli.

Each person of India right to enjoy each basic facility so that the government of India or state should not ignored the opposition parties constituency and efforts for development of each state, and city of India.

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