Types of Public Relations (PR)

Public Relation – It is a process of strategic communication which builds jointly beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

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Types of Public Relations – There are several types of Public Relation (PR) which are discussed below

  1. Customer Relations – This type of public relation handling relationships with the lead consumers and target market. In this type of public relation, conducting market research to know about the attitudes, priorities, and interests of the customers and technique strategies to influence the same using earned media.
  2. Community Relations – It manages the social aspect and establishing a positive reputation in the social place such as education, environment protection, and many more.
  3. Investor Relations – It manages releasing financial reports and regulatory filings, investors events, analyst and media queries, handling investors and complaints.
  4. Media Relations – In this type of public relation, establishes good relationship with the media organizations and acting as their content source.
  5. Government Relations – It represents the brand to the government with regard to execution of policies such as consumer protection, employee protection, corporate social responsibility, fair competition, and many more.
  6. Internal Relations – In this type of public relation, analysis the employees of the company with regard to course of action, policies, organization’s responsibility and their responsibility.
  7. Marketing Communications – It supports marketing efforts which is related to brand awareness, special campaigns, product launch, image, and positioning.

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