Public Relations (PR)

Public Relation – It is a process of strategic communication which builds jointly beneficial relationships between organizations and their public.

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It is the practice of managing the huge information between the customer and organization such as government agency, business or a nonprofit organization. It is the method of making coverage for customer in free. Advertising is also a part of activities in public relation.The professionals in Public Relations plan a specialized communication by using media and other direct and indirect mediums to create and maintain a positive brand image and a strong relationship with the target customers. The PR agency also helps a business or individual for gaining a positive reputation with the public by various unpaid or earned communications such as social media, traditional media, and in-person engagements. They also help customers for defending their reputation during a crisis which harms their reliability.

Objective of Public Relations – To maintain a strategic connection with the partners, employees, public, prospective customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders that leads to a positive image of the brand and company which is the main objective of public relations.

Functions of Public Relations – Some people confusion about Public relation and advertising. But Public Relation is different from advertising. A public relation agency does not buy ads and not focus on attractive promotions. It rather promotes the brand by using newspapers, website, TV programs, editorial content appearing on magazines, news channels, and blogs.

The functions of public relations agencies are discussed below –

  1. Writing distributing press release.
  2. Executing and Planning media relations events and special public outreach.
  3. Handling investor relations.
  4. Speech writing
  5. Planning strategies for supporting brand’s in every campaign and new move through editorial content.
  6. To develop a crisis public relations strategy.
  7. Using the social media occurrence of the brand and responding to public reviews on social media websites
  8. To Deal with th legislative agencies and government on behalf of the organization.
  9. To analyze, Anticipate and interpret the attitudes and the opinion of the public towards the brand and drafting strategies that use free or earned media to influence them.
  10. Counseling the employees of the company with regard to course of action, policies, organization’s responsibility and their responsibility.
  11. Writing content for the web such as internal and external websites.
  12. To Deal with public groups and other companies with regard to social and other policies of the organization and legislation of the government.

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