How escalating pollution rate in India can be controlled?

The increasing pollution is one of the main problems in India. Pollution is of different types including air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution. Rise in pollution affects the persons, animals as well as plants and trees.

The following factors which can be controlled the different of pollution in our country as discussed below.

Air Pollution –   This type of pollution arises due to the release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere. Increase in vehicles day by day releases carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and nitrogen oxides affects the health of people in the cities. To control air pollution as discussed below

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  1. Use CNG (Compressed natural gas) in vehicles instead of petrol and diesel
  2. Creating awareness and encouraging the use of public transport in place of individual transport including cars, motorcycles etc.
  3. Use new transports instead of old vehicles due to old vehicles create more air pollution as compared to the new vehicle.
  4. Increase the use of mass transport system such as Metroes, monorail instead the personal vehicles.

Industrial Pollution – The gas releases in industries also increase in the pollution. The following points to control the industrial pollution

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  1. Treating of waste products through chemical processes.
  2. The location of industries is far away from cities and observing their emission data on a regular basis.
  3. There is environment influence assessment of industries before giving them approval.
  4. Environmental audit for each industry regularly.
  5. Locate up advanced emission standards for each company.

Water Pollution – is the pollution of water bodies including lakes, rivers, oceans, and groundwater. This form of environmental degradation arises when toxins are directly or indirectly thrown in the water bodies causes water pollution.

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Water pollution affects the entire biosphere including plants and animals living in the water. It affect not only to individual species and also the natural biological communities. The wastes of industries polluted the water and affect the health of the people. It is the main cause for several diseases. The following points to control the water pollution is discussed below

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  1. Observe and regular watch the industries who throw wastes in the water.
  2. There is reducing the use of fertilizers.
  3. Suitable removal of toxic waste including paints automobile oil, polishes, and cleaning products.
  4. Cleaning the river, pond and other bodies regularly.
  5. Preserve the water table through refreshing water bodies by rain water.

Noise Pollution – Noise pollution is the extreme noise which is caused by machines and transportation systems, motor vehicles engines, aircraft and trains that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life.   The several industries also cause noise pollution due to use old machines. Now a days DJs and marriage ceremonies also cause noise pollution due to highly sound music and explosive

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The few points to control the noise pollution are as follows-

  1. Use new machines and vehicles for reduce noise.
  2. Reduce the use of personal vehicles.
  3. No use of explosives and high sounded music in marriage ceremonies.

If the public of our country obey these points then reduce the pollution in future.

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    Great insight!

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