How to control the increasing population

Increasing population is the major problem of India. This problem creates several other problems including unemployment, illiteracy, which also affects the development of our country. There are some methods to control the increasing population growth.

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Increase literacy rate – The literacy rate of our country is not so good and government should work to increase it. If the literacy rate will increase, then the common people will become aware of the negative effect of increasing population. For increasing literacy rate, the government should open primary schools and colleges in cities and especially in villages where literacy rate is very poor.  Once educated poor people know and understand about the disadvantages of increasing population. If the population is reduced, then several problems will be automatically resolved including unemployment, poverty and many more.

Reduce birth rate – The main problem of the increasing population is the ever increasing birth rate. When the common people will be aware of negative affect of increasing population then they will give birth to only two children that mean small family. If the birth rate is decreased then the problem of increasing population will be resolved in future years.

Reduce child marriage – Child marriage is another problem especially in villages in our country. The government should introduce the program for awareness and let the [people know about the negative affect of child marriage. If the boys and girls are married in younger age then the birth rate increases which lead to increase in population.

Women Empowerment – Women are not educating in most of the developing countries is the main reason for increasing population. Educate specially to women which helps in controlling the increasing population. If a women educate then all the family members including children are educate. An educated man and woman can know about the benefits of a small family. Without sufficient education several programs to control population such as awareness campaigns and women empowerment will prove to be insufficient and useless. In the developing countries, people keep giving birth to kids in order to have more sons than daughters. Empowering woman in the developing countries with a say in matters concerning them such as child birth and educating them to fight against discrimination will ensure a healthy, aware society and also helps in controlling population.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image result for How to control the increasing population

Common man should follow these procedures which will help the government to reduce population. As discussed, illiteracy is the major problem for increasing population. Without the support of people, the government wills not succeed to reduce population. People of India should support the government programs to reduce population.

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