How to download and install Skype for Mac

About Skype for Mac – It is a telecommunications application software product and one of the best communications apps for Operating System. Skype for Mac are used in voice calling and video chatting in between tablets, mobiles, computers and smart watches by using Internet. It is also used in hosting conference calls and group video calls. Skype also offers instant messaging service

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Users can send both video and text messages, and also may exchange digital documents such as texts, images, and videos.

How to Download and Install Skype for Mac – Several steps for downloading and installing the Skype for Mac are given below-

  1. First of all confirm that you have all system requirements for downloading and installing Skype for Mac such as 1GB RAM, 1GHz Intel processor (Core 2 Duo), latest version of QuickTime, MacOS X/MacOS 10,9 or higher, Webcam for video chat, Microphone and finally Internet connection of 100Kbp download and upload speeds for voice calls.
  2. Now go to the Skype for Mac download page in your web browser.
  3. After that Click Get Skype for Mac.
  4. After getting Skype for Mac, open the Download folder and double-click the Skype for Mac installation file for starting the process of installation.
  5. When double-click the installation file then a Finder window opens and add the Skype app to the Applications folder. Now drag the logo of Skype to the Applications folder on that screen.
  6. Open the file of Skype for Mac in the Mac dock. Search the Skype app icon and click it. It also searches the Skype for Mac by visiting into the Applications folder. Now double-click the icon of Skype for launching the service
  7. After launching Skype for Mac is completed then log in to the Skype account to start
  8. After log in Skype on the computer then the user can use several attractive functions of this service such as chat through instant messages, join in group video calls, share files and photos, send text messages to mobile devices, and make low-cost calls to mobile and landlines.

Skype for Mac file information – Dane Janus Friis and Swede Niklas Zennstrom   have developed the Skype in August 2003 in collaboration with Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, and Jaan Tallinn, Estonians.

Features of Skype for Mac – The several features of Skype for Mac are given below –

  1. Video – Skype for Mac are used in making video conversations with maximum 10 individuals at the same time. User can chat live with friends or family members can share text messages, photos, stickers, and emojis. While users make video calls from a smartphone can instantly share the location for easily arranging the meeting with a friend or colleague.
  2. Calling – In this service, user can call friends or relatives on Skype for free wherever they are located. It is also likely to call on landlines and mobiles in all over the world at reasonable price. The service is capable of group conversation with 25 people at the same time. The calls in Skype can be forwarded to any phone, so user can pick up the calls with own Skype number even if any user is away from the computer.
  3. Messaging – User can make messages with more fun by using emojis, mojis, and stickers in short clips from the popular movies and TV shows that can put directly into a Skype chat. If users are too busy then they can easily send a voice message in the chat with a simple tap. The service can also send in text messages with low cost.
  4. Sharing – Skype for Mac allows the users for reliably and quickly share anything more than 1000 words with maximum ten friends.
  5. Other features – It can also make calls through an existing SIP-enabled PBX, go from chat to video in just one click, instantly video calls, instant messages, and translate voice calls and many more.

Conclusions – Skype for Mac are used in voice calls, video calls, and allows conference discussions or group video chats or calling at a reasonable price so it is very popular in youngsters in all over the world.

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