Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

It is an electronic machine which is operated by customers and allows performing for financial transactions such as transfer funds, cash withdrawals, and deposits. It also used for obtaining account information at any time and without the help of bank staff. The ATMs in banks are installed at easily approachable locations or near the main gate of bank. The facility of ATM provides 24 hours customer service and dispenses currency note of specified values only.

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Users are identified by inserting a plastic card in the ATM machine with verification and entering a PIN (Personal Identification Card) for withdraw cash which must match the PIN stored in the chip of the ATM card. By using ATM card insert in the ATM machine, user can access their credit accounts or bank deposit for financial transactions such as check balances, cash withdrawals and other transactions. It can also be used in withdraw cash from a foreign country.

ATMs are available everywhere for withdrawing cash such as hospitals, railway stations, airport, bus stand, malls, restaurants, and markets provides 24 hours facility. This facility is also used for received cash without the help of bank in emergency conditions.

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