Case Study

A case study is a piece of writing the problem faced by an individual in an organization and the process still continue when the problem get not solved.  It defines the entire process from detecting a problem faced by him and resolved him. When the conclusions of problem areresolved, implementing and get desired output then this process is known as case study.

This process is divided into four steps

  1. ProblemDefinition– In this step first of all introduces the company where you work and mention the department and profile. Firstly identify the problem challenged in the company and mention the impact caused by the identifying problem.
  2. Problem Solutions-The individual detect the problem and create a list of solutions discussions with a team. When examining a solution the employer make a document about the output of the company of each solution of a problem. After make a document select the best solution of the problem.
  3. Implementation– When the process of selection of best solution is completed then check the procedure is followed or not. If the process is followed then check the procedure steps are implemented properly and check what precautions should be taken in resolving a problem.
  4. Result– When the processes are done then check the output of the solution whether the profit is in gain or loss. If the profit is in loss then again the process is repeated until the profit of a company were increased. If the turnover of the company is improved then this implementation again and make a document of this whole cycle.


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  1. Good write up Daneel.

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thank you Deepika

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  2. WittyAyJ says:

    case study is also the same which creates a problems for students and their teacher then taunts them for the submission till the epoch of deadline xD !!

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      case study in a college and school time. This case study is used in projects of company where the problems and solutions is discussed in case study

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