Insulin-producing mini stomach can replace insulin injections for diabetes

Scientists have discovered mini-organs that will carry insulin and therapy for diabetic patient.

The researchers of the University of Harvard developed the tissue from the lower stomach in rats and have the maximum potential to be converted into beta cells. After taking samples, if this tissue of rats, they proceed them into mini-organs that formed insulin. The study was available in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

Qiao Zhou described that the tissue from the pylorus region of the mice is convenient to convert into beta cells. The cells in the pylorus region were responsible to high glucose levels and developed insulin to regularize the glucose in the mouse blood. The scientists destroyed the pancreatic beta cells of rats which forced the body to rely completely on this implanted tissue to produce insulin.

After implanted, the stem cells refilled the insulin-producing cells increasing the sustainability of the tissue. To prove observations, the researchers destroyed the genes which is responsible for the conversion and found that the stem cells refilled the insulin producing cell population.

The mice which did not contain reprogrammed tissue are used for research. These mice died within eight weeks. The mice contain reprogrammed cells could preserve glucose and insulin levels for six months.

The scientists converted into beta cells reprogramming factors in the laboratory and then persuaded the cells to produce in a mini stomach. It can produce insulin and refresh itself with stem cells. The stomach was transplanted into the mice’s abdominal cavity. After the destruction of their pancreatic cells, five animals out of 22 experimental animals show normal glucose levels.

Investigators clarified that using this method; one can biopsy from a person, produce the cells in the lab, convert them to produce insulin and then transplant them back to make a patient-specific therapy

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