Turkish actress Hazal Kaya excited for the success Feriha in India

Turkish actress, Hazal kaya was excited that the Feriha, a Turkish serial was hit in India. Hazal Kaya worked as a leading role in Feriha. She was also famous as a Feriha in India.

Hazal Kaya

Accroding to Hazal Kaya, “Feriha is shown in many countries. But, when they decided to show it in India, even we were surprised. The show being successful here (in India) is very exciting for me and we are very proud of it.” The people are so lovely in India and they are showing their feelings towards us in a very nice way, so we are very happy.”

The earlier season of the Feriha saw Feriha being killed when she is marrying Emir. In the new season Feriha’s killer will be exposed and a new character Zulal, Feriha’s cousin, will fall in love with Emir.

'Feriha Season 3' Zindagi Tv Serial Wiki Story,Cast,Song, Promo,Timing,Images

Med Yapm is the producer of the Feriha. The story  is written by duo – Melis Civelek and Sırma Yanık.

The second season of the Feriha will begin on Zindagi channel in India on November 16.

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