Cross Border Firing, 15 Pakistani soldiers killed by Border Security Force

In Jammu and Kashmir there are about 15 Pakistani soldiers killed due to cross border firing from Pakistan claimed by the Border Security Force (BSF).
Out of 15 Pakistani soldiers, two Pakistani Frontier Force soldiers and 13 Rangers were killed in firing by the BSF.

Previous week, the BSF killed the seven Pakistani soldiers in the border of Pakistan and India
The officials said, there were continuous firing for the last 24 hours by Pakistani soldiers in Rajouri, Samba, Abdullia, RS Pura and Suchetgarh.
The tension arises in the international border when the terrorists attacks on Indian soldiers in Uri attack. In this big attack, 18 Indian soldiers were killed. After the attack of Uri, Indian government decided surgical attacks on terrorists in the Pakistan border. The surgical attacks were successfully launched and killed several terrorists in the Pakistan.
After the surgical strikes, Pakistani soldiers were continuously ceasefire violation in the international border.

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