Several Types of Kisses With Their Meanings

Kiss plays a significant role in making a strong relationship and is one of the expressions of love and affection between couples and lovers. Most couples show their love and care by kissing their partners to main romance and intimacy. Kissing is also the first step to start making a sexual relationship with their partner.

There are several types of kisses with their meanings are discussed below –

  • Kiss on lips – This type of kiss takes their love to a different level among romantic partners. Kiss on lips starts a bit slowly and then becomes very romantic and ends on a satisfaction note. It requires expressing your deep emotions with this kiss. If your female partner gives you lip to lip kiss then it indicates that she loves you and wants you desperately
  • Earlobe kiss – This type of kiss may be encompassing action, which can abruptly stimulate sexuality with their loved ones
  • French kiss – This type of kiss was invented in America and Great Britain and is the main type of kiss, which may be adventurous as it uses the tongue to stimulate the oral senses of a partner. French kiss signifies a strong physical relationship between couples and lovers.
  • Kiss on the foot – This type of kiss is very romantic and indicates to seduce of their partner, which too in a lazy mood. It is quite gentle, soft, gentle and the best romantic way to express your love to their partner
  • Butterfly kiss – This type of kiss signifies exhibiting the caring side of their love, passion, and affection to their loved ones. Butterfly kisses may represent delicate and soft elements with their partner during lovemaking.
  • Kiss on the Belly Button – It is one of the most erotic types of kisses that will bring in a naughty mood. This type of kiss is quite playful as one male people playfully tickle the belly button of their female partners which uses soft tongue movements that brings both of them very close to each other.
  • Neck kiss – This type of kiss can refer to a vampire kiss that is often exchanged before getting intimate and conveys sexual intentions.
  • Single lip kiss – This type of kiss involves a gentle action and often serves as a suggestive act to indicate that you are already in intimacy with your loved ones. A single lip kiss may involve little sucking between couples and lovers.
  • Eskimo kiss – This type of kiss is the act of rubbing noses to each other as a form of greeting and is a unique type of kiss, which indicates friendliness and affection rather than romance. It also involves no touching of lips can be that used between family especially family members and close friends.
  • Shoulder kiss – In this type of kiss, lovers who are quite close and in deeply romantic love with each other express their feelings and love by receiving or giving or kiss on their shoulder. It signifies that your partner is quite passionate or concerned about you. Kiss on the shoulder is quite obsessive and you are really lucky to have a lovely girlfriend who desperately wants you.
  • Kisses on the cheeks – This type of kiss indicates affection intimacy, and love for their loved ones. Mother also kiss their newborn baby on their cheeks to show affection for their child or kid.

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