Several Types of Hugs With Their Meanings

Hug day is also one of the important days of valentine’s week all over the world including India. A warm and gentle hug makes a strong relationship with their family members, close friends, and life partner.

There are different types of hugs that convey several emotions and feelings are discussed below –

  • Sleepy shoulder hug – In this type of hug, couples wrap around each other’s arms and the girl slightly rests her head on the shoulder of a male person. This type of hug shows the female partner feels secure and safe in the arms of her husband or boyfriend for future life.
  • Back hug – It is a surprise hug that signifies deep feelings during happy moments and also expresses a strong physical connection with your loved ones.
  • Warm bear hug – It is one of the purest expressions of love which is often between lovers and friends who meet after a long time.
  • Buddy hug – This type of hug is shared by two close or best friends where they wrap their arms around each other and offer a light pat on the back.
  • Sympathy hug – This type of hug offers sympathy to those people who are in trouble or have a beloved’s death.
  • Ragdoll hug – It is an interesting type of hug, which signifies a one-sided relationship. This type of hug is for that individual who is a dear friend and is shy or not too comfortable with physical affection.
  • Flirty hug – It is the hug of love or the beginning of a new relationship with a female partner that involves subtle expression and a light touch of extra attention.
  • Cuddle hug – This type of hug is one of the lovely or romantic ways of showing your strong bond with your loved ones with kisses and nuzzling.
  • Straddle hug – This type of hug is shared by romantic partners which offer private or intimate gesture and has an underlying sexual overtone.
  • Group hug – It is a hug for special people who have developed a deep bond for several years and it can be the friendliest type of hug.
  • London bridge hug – It is a friendly embrace or formal hug if two individuals maintain a certain distance from one another and are the most awkward hug.

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