10 Amazing Types of Intimacy in Relationship

Intimacy – It is a feeling of connection and closeness in an interpersonal relationship and is an important part of intimate relationships. Intimacy also plays a significant role in many other relationships such as family members, close friends, and many other acquaintances. It is also beneficial in making strong relationships with close individuals.

Types of Intimacy – There are several types of intimacy are given below –

  1. Emotional Intimacy – It plays an important role in making strong relationship with another person. This type of intimacy involves closeness, deepest, thoughts, and most personal feelings with another individual. It also involves sharing emotions, secret problems, deepest tears, and many more with your close friend. When individuals experience emotional intimacy then they feel secure and safe to share their issues and feelings without worrying with another person. Emotional intimacy may be changes into a sexual relationship after a certain level of trust, love, and personal bond.
  2. Physical Intimacy – This type of intimacy can involve feelings of connection and closeness through physical touch. Physical intimacy is also characterized by cuddling, kissing, skin-to-skin-touching, hugging, and holding hands. It plays a significant role in making a love relationship for a long time among couples. Physical intimacy also involves safe skin touch which may enhance feelings of emotional closeness.
  3. Sexual intimacy – The marriage relationship is mainly based on the sexual relationship so it is the most important intimacy that maintains romantic love between couples. You can improve your sexual intimacy by understanding your partner’s sexual needs. Communication is also the main factor that is beneficial in improving sexual intimacy in your relationship. You can enjoy sexual activity without any stress or tension which may help in increasing sexual intimacy with your partner.
  4. Spiritual Intimacy – This type of intimacy means feeling close and safe sharing your innermost beliefs and ideas with your partner. Spiritual intimacy involves sharing spiritual and religious beliefs among couples. In this type of intimacy, it does not mean that the couples have similar beliefs. However, it can involve sharing a broader concept of spirituality. You may participate in talking about spiritual topics, and religious practices or spending special time with your partner while marveling at a moving sight.
  5. Intellectual Intimacy – This type of intimacy involves sharing opinions, ideas, questions, thoughts, hobbies, and life perspectives with another individual. You may not agree on everything and can enjoy challenging each other that can consider the other perspective of an individual. You can talk about any book and comparing your reactions is an example of intellectual intimacy in a relationship.
  6. Creative Intimacy – This type of intimacy means looking for creative ways to remind each other of their affection, pure love, and bond. It may help in refreshing or maintaining your romantic love for a long time. You can send red flowers, write love letters, surprise gifts, romantic dates, and many more creative ways to maintain love with your life partner for long period.
  7. Conflict Intimacy – When both male and female individuals are married and living together then it may impossible to avoid conflicts. In this type of intimacy, the ability of husbands and wives to work their way through disagreements in a respectful and civilized manner. This type of intimacy concentrates on resolving conflicts sensibly between couples.
  8. Social Intimacy – This type of intimacy involves sharing interests and spending special time together as a couple. You can spend time with your partner by doing fun things or many other activities. The main way to make social intimacy is to try something new things with your partner including taking up a yoga class together, cooking classes, learning how to dance together, and many more activities.
  9. Aesthetic Intimacy – This type of intimacy is the sharing of experiences of beauty through the enjoyment of art, gardens, dance, music, delicious food and drink together.
  10. Recreational Intimacy – This type of Intimacy is engaging in playing to enjoy or spend special time with your partner outside of work for relieving stress, relax, and exploring.

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