International Mountain Day 2022

International Mountain Day is observed every year on December 11 across the world to celebrate the beauty of mountains. The main aim of this international day is to raise awareness about the importance of mountains in the nature and environment. There is around 27 percent of mountains covered the surface of the Earth.

The mountains offer food and fresh water to the common people across the world so, this international day is observed to spread awareness about preserving the natural resource for the existence of life. It also plays an important role to maintain balance in the ecosystem and also focuses on the opportunities for the development of mountains. This global day also educates common individuals to understand the significant role of mountains in the environment with their impact on life. Mountains are also important sources of main big rivers worldwide which also play a significant role in the water cycle.

Now, most people spend vacations mainly in hill stations due to the beautiful scenes of natural resources including waterfalls, green trees, pure air, cold weather, and many more. Several couples are visiting hill stations for their honeymoon including Kashmir, Shimla, Nainital, and many more. Many couples are vising foreign hill stations including Switzerland.

But presently thousands of restaurants or hotels are opening and cutting forests in popular hill stations which are responsible for landslides in mountainous areas. Now, the rapid cutting of trees and forests is one of the main causes of sudden climate changes, floods, and landslides which may cause a large number of deaths in hilly areas. Therefore, we should maintain the green environment in mountains. by planting thousands of green plants or trees and not rapidly constructing houses, hotels, or restaurants in mountains.

Nowadays, the life of mountains is also under threat by several environmental problems. Mountains are under threat worldwide due to cutting trees, overpopulation, sudden climate changes, and many more. The main goal of this international day is to raise awareness about the importance of mountains in the existence of lives on Earth.


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