World Mosquito Day 2022

Introduction – World Mosquito Day is celebrated every year on August 20 across the world to honor Sir Ronald that discovered the link between mosquitoes and the transmission of malaria in 1897. According to his discovery, female mosquitoes disseminate malaria among people. The main aim of this international day is to spread awareness about the causes and prevention of malaria. There are some more diseases that are caused by mosquitoes such as dengue, Zika, and chikungunya which are spread more in monsoons.

History – World Mosquito Day is celebrated annually on August 20 all around the world to honor the work of Sir Ronald Ross that discovered the malaria parasite in the stomach tissue of an Anopheles mosquito. He proved that mosquitoes are the vector that carries this upsetting parasite from person to person. Sir Ronald Ross received the prestigious award Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology for his discovery in the year 1902. Malaria is caused by the biting of mosquitoes that is treatable and preventable but it still threatens the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Theme – The theme of World Mosquito Day is ‘’Harness innovation to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives’’ which highlights the innovations that are needed to reduce the burden of malaria disease and save the lives of several people.

Significance – This international day aims to highlight the efforts of healthcare officials to prevent malaria. There are about 241 million new cases of malaria and 627,000 deaths due to malaria in the year 2020 across the world. As per new statistics, there are around 435,000 people are dead due to malaria every year. There are about 219 million cases are identified every year all around the world.


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