International Tiger Day 2022

Introduction – International Tiger Day is celebrated annually on July 29 across the world to spread awareness about the importance of the conservation of tigers among common people, governments, and organizations. According to World Wildlife Fund, there is about 95 percent of the population of tigers has reduced in the last 150 years.

The main aim of this international day is to promote a global system for the conservation of forests or natural habitats that helps in increasing the number of tigers. The number of tigers is continuously declining due to hunting, cutting forests, poaching, loss of habitat, and illegal trading.

History – Firstly, International Tiger Day was celebrated in the year 2010 because there is around 97 percent of tigers had disappeared in the past century. To conserve or increase the number of tigers across the world, many countries signed an agreement at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia in the year 2010. Several organizations such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and World-Wide Fund for Nature.

Theme – The theme of International Tiger Day in the year 2022 has not been declared yet. In the year 2021, the theme of this international day is “Their Survival is in our hands’’ which tells us about the survival of tigers in our hands to conserve or protect tigers by ending illegal trading or hunting of tigers, conserving the natural habitat and increasing the areas of forests.

Significance – The main goal of this international day is to aware people of decreasing the number of tigers across the world. This global day provides an opportunity to make a strategy for increasing the population of tigers all around the world. According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are about 3900 tigers are left and 95 percent of tigers are extinct due to hunting or poaching started from the beginning of the 20th century.


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