World Refugee Day 2022

Introduction – World Refugee Day is observed every year on June 20 to spread awareness about the basic needs and rights of refugees across the world. This day highlights the difficulties that are faced by refugees who are evacuated or displaced from their countries due to certain problems.

Refugees are those people who have been evacuated from their countries and homes due to pandemics, cyclones, war, conflicts, disasters, and terrorism. Due to epidemics, war, and many more reasons, they cross international borders and search for shelter in a neighboring country. There is a rapid increase in refugees is one of the main problems across the world. This global day to highlights their difficulties to the world, and promotes to improve their lives. The main aim of this international day is to highlight the basic needs and rights of refugees worldwide.

History – The United Nations General Assembly accepted the resolution on December 4, 2000, and decided that World Refugee Day was celebrated annually on June 20 all around the world. Firstly, World Refugee Day was observed on June 20, 2001. This international day marked the 50th anniversary of the Refugee Convention in the year 1951 which deals with the protection of refugees across the world.

Theme – The theme of World Refugee Day in the year 2022 is ‘’Whoever, Whatever, Whenever Everyone has a right to seek safety’’ that marks the safety of all refugees all over the world who must be treated with dignity regardless of their origin, religion, birthplace, country, or race.

Significance – The word ‘’refugee’’ means an individual who is forced to leave their countries and homes due to natural calamities, pandemics, war, and many more reasons. The main purpose of this international day is to draw attention to the difficulty of refugees and promote people or governments globally to help refugees in their country by providing food, shelter health facilities, education, and jobs to settle their life.

On this day, several events are organized worldwide by government officials, host communities, companies, celebrities, and the general public in support of refugees. As per the latest report by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), there is around 82.4 million people across the world were forcibly displaced by the end of 2020 due to human rights violations, violence, maltreatment, war, and many more.


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  1. Fatima says:

    Happy #World Refugee Day to all Refugees who are forced to flee their homes countries due to civil war

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my post

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