Difference between Itr (Attar), Deodorant and Perfume

As we know a bad body odor is considered as bad manners in any social gatherings or marriage ceremonies or parties even though you are highly civilized and wear a costly suit. Every person’s body has its own smell through sweat. Thus, everyone wants to have a good smell and prevent bad smells by using fragrance products such as Itr (Attar), Deodorants, and Perfume in any social or religious gatherings. The good smell of a body also signs a good status in society.

Perfume Vs Attar Vs Deo. which one you Should buy? - YouTube

Fragrance products – Fragrances are substances that contain strong smell organic compounds with characteristic pleasant odors. So, manufacturers use these products to make fragrance products including perfume, itr, and deodorants.  People use these fragrance products ( Itr, Deodorants, and Perfume) to change the body odor due to bad smell and is caused by excessive sweat.

Differences between Itr (Attar), Deodorants, and Perfume – There are several differences between Itr (Attar), Deodorants, and Perfume are discussed below –

  • Itr (Attar) – Itr or Attar is considered one of the oldest natural fragrance products and is derived from herbs, flowers, and other botanical sources. Due to its oil concentration, the itr gets so strong which does not need a second dab and it makes it much longer than perfumes. You can safely attar apply it to your skin because it is natural and alcohol-free. The attar is divided into two types – warm attars and cool attars. Mostly the warm attar is used in the cold season as it keeps the body warm while normally cool attar is used in the summer season that keeps the body fresh.
  • Deodorant – A deodorant is made up of water and alcohol that are applied to the body for preventing body odor due to sweating. Antiperspirant is a subclass of deodorants that can be used in preventing sweating by blocking sweat glands. The deodorant does not stay for a long time on the body and wanes faster. There are several other types of deodorants that allow sweating but it may prevent bacterial action on the sweat as it has an odor smell if sweat is decomposed by bacteria. Deodorants are less concentrated like scented alcohol and are a special body spray that aromatizes a person or place where it is sprayed.
  • Perfume – Perfumes are made up of a combination of synthetic and natural scents. It is considered a luxury fragrance product that contains a large amount of essential oil, alcohol, and water. Perfumes are highly concentrated and highly sprayed on the clothes with a pleasant smell for a long time than deodorants. It is used in scent rooms to prevent bad smells.

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