International Aura Awareness Day 2021

Introduction – International Aura Awareness Day is observed every fourth Saturday in November all around the world. So, this global day is celebrated on November 27 in the year 2021. The term ‘’Aura’’ means breeze, wind, or breath in Latin and Ancient Greek. It is also signified ‘’a soft breeze’’ in medieval English. Indian faiths such as Buddhism and Hinduism have mentioned auras since the dawn of time, linking them to Kundalini and Chakras.

International Aura Awareness Day: History and Importance of the day - Time  Bulletin

History – Cynthia Sue Larson has introduced International Aura Awareness Day in the year 2002. Firstly, the word ‘’aura’’ was used in the 19th century for describing a quality or energy emitted by somebody with the emergence of New Age religions. Charles Webster Leadbeater was the first individual to mention auras and he was also a Church of England minister that studied theosophy in India. He has admitted that he possessed mystic abilities and claimed that he could use them for scientific research.

Significance – This international day spreads color and happiness around the planet. Auras are vibrant that take excellent photos for observing our auras or uncovering our shadow that may help ease negative energy.

The International Aura Awareness Day is undeniably light-filled and everybody has an aura around them. This global day is open to everybody all over the world due to youths may easily sense auras and can teach them about their unique ability.


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