World Pasta Day 2021

Introduction – World Pasta Day is observed on October 25 annually to celebrate the versatile deliciousness which is one of the most popular Italian dishes. The origin of this global day was in the year 1995 when 40 pasta producers decided to form a World Pasta Congress. Most of the youths are Pasta lovers all around the world. This international day celebrates the most popular Italian food is available in different forms known as Pasta.

History – Firstly, World Pasta Day is celebrated in the year 1995. In past, World Pasta Congress was held in Rome on October 25, 1995, that has established this day to celebrate Pasta Day. This day aims to promote about different varieties of pasta along with cultural and culinary importance.

Significance – Pasta is a traditional Italian cuisine and is simple to cook as a food. A large number of people especially youths and children like pasta all around the world. There are about 600 different shapes of pasta with several sizes and colors including vermicelli, macaroni, penne, capellini, spaghetti, tortellini, and linguini. Macaroni and spaghetti are some of the most popular pasta types favored by the United States. Most of the people take pasta with salads for lunch and dinner. The pasta is also taken with eggs during breakfast in the morning. Pasta is a very delicious dish and is very easy to cook.

Types of Pasta – There are several types or varieties of pasta are discussed below –

  • Spaghetti – It is one of the most popular varieties of pasta all around the world. This type of pasta contains long or thin noodles that can be paired with different varieties of sauces. It suits with vegetable dishes and meat for more taste.
  • Macaroni – It is also one of the most common pasta types worldwide. You can also take macaroni with sauces and eggs to enhance the taste.
  • Casarecce – This type of pasta is short, twisted noodled, and lightly rolled. If you take this pasta with sauces then its taste is delicious.
  • Conchiglie – This type of pasta is available in different sizes such as small, jumbo, mini, small, and medium.
  • Gnocchi – In this type of pasta, it contains a potato base with egg and flour. This type of pasta is small, dense, and dumpling-shaped pasta.
  • Capellini – This type of pasta is oil-based and is thinner than spaghetti and taken with cream sauces. You can also add some shrimp scampi and chicken chunks for great taste.
  • Rotini – This type of pasta may be meaty, and oil-based with several creamy sauces. It is also called as corkscrew-shaped pasta.

You can celebrate this global day by preparing various types of pasta and eating with your family members and friends. The pasta can also be taken with some vegetables, eggs, and chicken to make a healthier and delicious dish.


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    1. daneelyunus says:

      It’s a great day for Pasta lovers

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  1. I love pasta in so many ways 🍝😋

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      I also like pasta 🍝😋


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