International Nelson Mandela Day 2021

Introduction – Nelson Mandela International Day will be observed on July 18 every year that marks the 103rd birth anniversary of former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and is also called Mandela Day.  Nelson Mandela was the former president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999 and was also referred to as ‘’Father of the Nation’’ with great contributions including service to humanity.

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This day marks the birth anniversary of Nelson Mandela and the opportunity for every individual to renew their commitment to the values that inspired Mandela. He is regarded as a leader of social justice with a loyal advocate for democracy. In past, he opposed the racist system in South Africa and devoted his life to establishing social equality for everyone. Due to extensive work on social reform or justice, Nelson Mandela received more than 250 honors with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1993.

History – The United Nations officially announced that Nelson Mandela International Day will be observed on July 18 in the year 2009 and was first celebrated in the year 2010. The idea of former South Africa President, Nelson Mandela is to celebrate his birthday as Mandela Day. The United Nations General Assembly has introduced the Nelson Mandela prize as an award that recognizes the achievements of those who devoted their lives to the service of humanity.

Significance – International Nelson Mandela day is celebrated  to remember the services of Mandela and honor them through awareness, community service, and volunteer work. Mandela day also celebrated a campaign called as ‘46664’ prison number of Robben Island that was introduced for creating awareness about AIDS, and HIV. He believed in equality and opposed the racist system in South Africa.

Theme – The theme of International Nelson Mandela Day 2021 is “One Hand Can Feed Another’’. This day is observed by those organization that works for against genocide, crime against women, and crimes. These several organizations also come together for spreading awareness of these widespread problems.

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