Ramadan 2021

Nowadays, Covid-19 is increasing rapidly day by day so we should take precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus from person to person. Thus, we should avoid crowds, daily washing hands, wear a mask, use sanitizer and maintain social distancing during the month of Ramadan

Introduction – Ramadan is observed as a month of fast by Muslims all over the world including India. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is also known as Ramazan. According to Islamic belief, Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam and is an Arabic word that means dryness or scorching heat.

 Fasting is good for your health if properly put into practice during Ramadan. Fasting (Roza) promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, reduce blood sugar and decrease fat stores in the body. It also encourages healthy eating habits and boosts immunity.

During fasting, Muslims refrain from eating anything not even fruits, drinking any fluid from sunrise to sunset for about 14 hours in the summer season once a year for 29 or 30 days. They also avoid even tobacco and other similar things.

During Ramadan, fasting (roza) is compulsory for all Muslims except those who are suffering from various diseases, diabetic pregnant, breastfeeding, illness, chronically ill or menstruating, and also whose job is based on travelling daily. In the year 2021, the first fast (roza) will start from April 14, from morning 3:57 am to evening 6:48 pm in our area.

Several Activities in Ramadan

I am eagerly waiting for Ramadan and excited to observe fast(roza) in the month of Ramadan. First of all, take Sehri before sunrise with light food including fruits, butter bread. or tea. We are instructed to avoid drinking liquids including water, consuming food, sexual activities, and smoking during fasting from sunrise to sunset. During fasting, we are also instructed to avoid bad behavior with others, fighting, and false speech (cursing, lying, insulting, and backbiting. Thus, fasting teaches practicing self-discipline and control overeating, drinking, and bad behavior with others.

During the month of Ramadan, Zakat (Charity) is also given to poor people who are not able to buy new clothes for Eid celebration. After sunset, we take Iftaar with various delicious foods including several sweets, sharbat, fruits, several types of pakoras, and many more items. During the month of Ramadan, we organize an Iftaar party for relatives and invites non-Muslim friends that makes and message for unity and increases strong bonding between different religions in our country.

Main purpose of Ramadan

The main aim of fasting in Ramadan is to purify the body and the soul that increases their good deeds and God-consciousness also know the difficulty for thirsty and hungry all over the day. This purification of the soul and the body that harmonizes the inner and outer spheres of a person. Ramadan is also a month of Ibadat (Prayer) thus, we also observe prayer (Namaz) during fasting.

After the end of this month of Ramadan, the first day of the tenth month Shawal, id-ul-fitra is observed by Muslims marking the end of fasting.

During the month of Ramadan, all the Muslims pray at home due to coronavirus. Thus, I am also prayed at our residence during Ramadan which helps the Government or Nation to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus from person to person.

Stay Home Stay Safe Fight Against Corona Virus 

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  1. Arooba says:

    ramadan mubarak to you too 🙂

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    Ramadan Kareem. Happy Ramadan 🙂

    Logi Bones

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    How well you’ve explained Ramadan and the principles of fasting. Ramadan Mubarak to you

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