How to order Valentine’s gift online

Now valentine’s week started and most of the couples or singles are preparing to buy gifts that offer on love day on February 14. Online shopping has become a trend today and many people now shop online sitting comfortably at home.

They can use any device for online shopping such as mobile laptop, tablets, and many more with the help of the internet. There are some other websites like eBay, Amazon, and many others, which people can use to order products online.

Here are the steps, which a user has to follow to order one or more products online are as given below –

  1. Searching the product – If you want to shop from other websites like Amazon or eBay, you can navigate to those sites. If you are unable to find your desired products on any of these sites, you can search on Google and it will show the list of websites where you can get the desired product. You can search the price of that product on a different website and choose the one, which suits your budget.
  2. Find the item – After selecting the website, look for the product that you want to order. Check all the details regarding the product like price, discount, warranty servicing needed if any. You should also make a note that the products are sold by various merchants so look for the product on other websites too.
  3. Add the product to basket – You can order on any website but before that, you have to hover the mouse over the image of the product where you can choose the quantity and the color. Different products have different options and some sites provide the option of selecting quantity, color, and other things. After choosing all such things, add the product to the basket.
  4. Make payment – If you want to order products from any websites then need not create an account for the same. There are some of the websites that request users to create an account and then start purchasing and make payments. Some websites do not have such options. Account creation is good as users can track the shipment of their products. They can also keep a history of the purchases they have made. The account will also show if there are any pending items whose shipment is on the way. After tracking all these things, you can make a payment through a credit or debit card. Making payment is very easy as users have to enter the card number of sixteen digits provided at the back. Then expiry date is to be mentioned. After making payment, the site will ask the address to which the product is to be delivered. In this field, you enter the address and the product will be shipped to that address.

Conclusions – These are the steps, which you have to follow in order to purchase one or more products and ship them to your address or to the address for whom you have bought a gift. The procedure is very easy and anybody can do it.

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