Occurrence of Water

Water is one of the most widely distributed and abundant substances found in nature and covers about three-quarters of the earth’s crust.

Water occurs in nature in the free state as well as in the combined state as a part of several salts and minerals.

  • Water occurs on the peaks of high mountains in the form of ice and snow. It occurs as snow in Antarctica.
  • Water occurs in the tissues of plants and animals. There is about 70 percent of the body weight of animals is due to the presence of water in their tissues.
  • Water occurs in the oceans, springs, wells, lakes, and sea.
  • Water occurs in the atmosphere in the form of water vapor that makes the atmosphere humid.
  • Water also occurs as ‘’water of crystallization’’ in the crystal of a large number of salts and minerals.
  • Water also occurs in the ground helps for good farming that is beneficial to grow food and also used for irrigation. Ground water is also used in several industrial processes.

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