File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows the transfer of files from one computer to another. It is the most widely used system of sending and downloading of messages in the form of files on the internet. The File Transfer Protocol is based on standards, and is used to connect the computers for sharing files between them. FTP is a part of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol). There are set of commands in this protocol for deleting, transferring, copying, and moving the files.

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File Transfer Protocol works on client-server principle. The client program at user end enables access of information on server computer. It allows the user to search or locate the files to be transferred, and supports the transfer of files. The files marked for transfer are stored in a computer which is known as FTP server. The files are usually compressed in FTP servers to reduce their size and to save time in transmission of data. For its actual use, the compressed files are decompressed again.

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FTP users can verify themselves with a clear-text sign-in protocol which is in the form of a username and password. FTP is regularly protected with SSL/TLS (FTPS) or replaced with SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for securing transmission which protects the password and username.

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