Top 5 Trimmer under Rs 1000 in India

Trimmers – It is one of the devices which are used in trimming the hair. Trimmers contain 2 sliding blades that trim your hair. If your hair is passed through the blade, they are cut by using trimmers. Trimmers are available in small sizes with a small cutting width. Most of the trimmers are used in precise hair cutting due to the small width. Now trimmers are very popular especially in youths because they can be used in style facial hair.

Top 5 Best Trimmers Under Rs 1000 In India 2020 | Best Beard Trimmer For  Men In India Below 1000 Rs. - YouTube

Types of trimmers – There are some of the types of trimmers which are discussed below –

  • Beard trimmers – This type of trimmers is made especially for trimming the beard either a beard trimmer, maintain a nice thick beard, and a Viking beard. There are different types of beard trimmers in which some can operate on battery and some need to be powered to trim beard.
  • Hair trimmers – These are general-purpose trimmers that can be used on several parts of the body. But it is not recommended to use them. These trimmers are specifically designed for skin hair and others are made for trim the hairs.
  • Ear and Nose Trimmers – As we know the skin on the ear and the skin inside the nostrils are very sensitive. Due to this, these trimmers are specially designed to trim the hair on the nose and ears.

Best Trimmers under 1000 in India – There are some of the trimmers which are available in the market at a reasonable cost or under Rs 100 are as given below –

Flipkart Smartbuy M4D12Q – It is one of the inexpensive wireless trimmers for male people which is available in under Rs 1000 with 2 years-warranty only from Flipkart. This trimmer offers an elegant and sleek single tone color finish with a glossy exterior. It is also one of the comfortable to hold in hand with its less weight. The color of this trimmer is a glossy black color that looks stylish and graceful as compared with others. Flipkart Smartbuy M4D12Q comes with a motor that is placed inside the trimmer that provides clean-cut in hair trimming. It offers a stainless-steel blade is sharp and cuts in the desired shape with no breaking a sweat. Flipkart Smartbuy M4D12Q offers multiple combs that allowing to groom yourselves in a different design. It also offers an efficient zero trim experience with no use of a comb. The battery of this trimmer takes an 8 hours-time for full charging and operates for 60 minutes to trim the hair. This trimmer comes with a micro USB charging or also charge via laptop by using an adaptor or plugged. Flipkart Smartbuy M412DQ is used in trimming the hair as well as experience facial grooming at an affordable price. Due to USB charging, you also use a trimmer during travelling. If your trimmer breaks down and any maintenance then easily send for repairs on Flipkart.

Nova NHT 1076 – It is one of the popular wireless trimmers which is available under Rs 799 through Flipkart with a one-year warranty. The Nova NHT 1076 contains a robust build quality with a premium design. It comes with self-sharpening stainless-steel blades to provide a comfortable and great trimming experience. In this trimmer, the buttons are responsive and easy to click. Thus, this trimmer can used be broadly used with no fear of breaking down. The trimmer contains a four-stage length setting on these blades that allow you to experiment with your hair in different styles for good looking effortlessly. You can easily wash the blades of the trimmer under running water without fear.  The Nova NHT 1076 offers accessories and a whole sew of blade heads that help in the nose and eye trimming as well as for beard trimming. This trimmer supports fast charging as compared to other trimmers. After a full charge, it works for only 30 minutes. The Nova NHT 1076 offers blades with a length of 0.5 to 9mm which is adjustable.

Mi XXQ02HM – Chinese company, Xiaomi made this trimmer which is one of the latest trimmers which is available under Rs 1000 in the Indian market. Mi XXQo2HM trimmer is available with a compact size footprint as compared with the previous XXQ01HM. This trimmer is made up of polycarbonate materials with high-quality. Mi XXQ02HM contains a uniform rounded rectangular design which is similar to that of the earlier XXQ01HM trimmer. The power button is easily clickable switch which is connected with this latest trimmer. There are 3-LED battery indicators that are placed below the power button and helps in charging easily. The trimmer has a rounded knob to adjust the blade length and it works perfectly for precise hair trimming.  The blade of the Mi XXQ02HM trimmer is made up of stainless steel which has a size of 0.5 -10mm with 20 different length adjustments. The stainless-steel blades are self-sharpening in this trimmer that provides a painless and smooth trimming experience. In this trimmer, the blade is easily detachable to wash and clean under running water.  The charging of this trimmer is done through the micro-cable USB port that can be plugged into a compatible USB-A-type port. Mi XXQ02HM supports fast charging within 2 hours which is used for 50 minutes to trim the hair. It is important to note that Mi XXQ02HM is a cordless trimmer and does not support wired mode operation whereas earlier XXQ01HM support wired mode operation. It is one of the best trimmers with a long-lasting battery and supports fast charging which can be a good option for you. In respect of cost, you can buy this trimmer for under Rs 1000 from Flipkart.  The company offers a 1-year warranty for this trimmer.

Syska HT 200U – It is one of the popular trimmers due to its LED lamps and power banks. Syska HT 200U comes with a precision-tuned trimming experience and a well-groomed appearance is available at a reasonable price below Rs 100 in the Indian market. It is one of the best-looking trimmers with high-quality plastic that makes the device less weight which is comfortable in using. This trimmer offers an ergonomic design that makes it easy in hand for a long time at a single stretch. It has a power button that is located on the front side making it easy to operate. The blade of this trimmer is made up of stainless steel with high quality that provides trim the hair easily. The Syska HT 200U comes with a motor with high quality inside the trimmer which vibrates the blades in a harmonic motion thus makes the trim very smooth and contoured. The length of the trimmer is about 0.5mm to 7mm with 5 different lengths adjustments. The blades of this trimmer very smooth that do not cause any allergies and irritation for providing a healthy and hygienic personal grooming experience. It has an inbuilt stubble comb that is non-removable and stays in place all the time with the trimmer and prevents the problem from getting misplaced or lost the comb. The comb of a trimmer can be easily washable after use. The Syska HT 200U offers a Ni-MH rechargeable battery for 40 minutes on a single charge. It takes time for full charging is about 6 hours. After a full charge, the trimmer works for only 40 minutes. The Syska HT200U is available for under Rs 100 with a 2-year warranty.

Philips BT1212/15 – Philips is one of the popular brands in our country that also made trimmers to trim the hair. The company made a trimmer that name is BT1212/15 is one of the affordable trimmers which is available under Rs100 for men in India. This trimmer is made up of matte-finish plastic with high quality that feels a lot tougher as compared to other models. In this trimmer, the front plate and button plate are textured which provides grip to hold the device in hand. It helps in easy operation with a single hand. This trimmer is used in trim the beard which is designed to be charged with a micro-USB cable. The head of this trimmer is detachable for easy cleaning. The company offers 2 years warranty for this trimmer. The blades of Philips BT1212/15 are made up of stainless-steel with great quality that cuts the hair very easily. The trimmer has rounded edges is placed on the detachable head in which hairs come in contact with minimal friction. It helps in the trimmer and providing a well-shaped beard and mustache cut. Philips BT1212/15 contains an impressive trim length is about 0.5mm to 18mm for a more polished appearance. The trimmer uses Durable technology optimizes the charging process that makes the inbuilt rechargeable battery lasts longer than compared with other trimmers in the market. The LED status indicator is connected with the trimmer that indicates the green light for full charging. It helps to avoid overcharging that wastage of electricity. In respect of battery charging, the trimmer supports USB charging by using a rechargeable AA-sized battery. This battery takes time for charging in 8 hours to operates 30 minutes only. The trimmer is also charging from any USB port via any USB adaptor and computer or laptop. If you want to buy a trimmer at an affordable price then Philips BT1212/15 is a good option with 2 years warranty. It is available under Rs1000 through Amazon.

Conclusion – If you are interested to trim the hair in different styles as well as grooming the hair at an affordable price then you can buy easily these trimmers which are discussed in this blog on Amazon and Flipkart.

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