Investing in Gold

Gold – It is the precious metal which is one of the most popular for investment to earn more profit. Generally most of the investors buy gold as a way of diversifying risk for the use of futures derivatives and contacts. Gold is one of the most effective safe investments in all over the world as compared with other precious metals.

Investing in Gold - History, Determining If It's a Good Investment

The precious metal gold has been used throughout the history as money which is used as a currency for business. Some of the European countries implemented gold standards in the 19th century.

Council Post: Is Investing In Gold Worth It In 2020?

Investing in Gold– Gold is available in jewellery used as a wearable in parties or marriage ceremony but also works for investment in financial problem. Thus Buying gold has tradionally for a financial support system over past years. Most of the investors buy gold physically in the form of  gold bars, jewellery, coins and gold bars. You can also use sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) and gold exchange funds (ETFs). Thus gold mutual funds that further invest in gold ETfs and also invest in the shares of global gold mining companies.

Choose the Best Ways to Invest Gold without Risk

There are some of the e-commerce websites where you buy the gold coins online for investing including Amazon India and Snapdeal.  Most of the people buy gold in the form of jewellery for investing to earn more profit if the price of gold increase as compared with previous price.

The people buy the gold in the form of jewellery, gold bars and coins when the price is very low as compared to earlier one. After that they were waiting for enhancing the cost of gold coins worldwide including India. If the cost of gold are very high then they sell gold in high price as compared with buy in low price and earns more profit is known as investment by using gold.

Scheme of Gold coin – Most of the gold coins are purchased from banks, non-banking, finance companies, jewelers, and now e-commerce websites. These gold bars are available for 20 grams and gold coins will be for 5 and 10 grams. These gold bars and coins are of 24 karat purity with tampered proof packaging and advanced anti- counterfeit features. As per BIS standards, all gold bars and coins will be hallmarked. These gold coins are distributed by recognized and reputed MMTC outlets or through specific branches of banks and post offices. MMTC provides a transparent “buy back” option for Indian Gold coin in its own showrooms across India.

Investing in Gold vs Gold Investing - Crusoe Research

Gold exchange traded funds (ETF) – There is another option of owning paper gold in a more cost-effective manner by using gold exchange traded funds. These investments of buy and sell on a stock exchange such as BSE or NSE with gold as the underlying asset. In this investment, the charges of high initial buying and selling which go into owning jewellery coins or bars which provides an enxtra edge to the reduce price gold ETF. The cost of gold is purchased may be the closest with the actual price of gold and hence the benchmark is the physical gold cost.  The price of gold may be rs 61622 on September 10, 2020.

When buy gold in this year for investment – As per market experts, they believe that there is no right or wrong time for buying or invest in gold.  According to gold analyst, the price of the gold revised and may be go up to Rs 65,000 per 10 grams in the next one year so you can buy the gold in the form of coins, bars and jewellery for investing and earn more profit in a pandemic period.


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  2. Gold is a tricky investment. Theoretically, when the markets go down, gold is safe heaven but lately, we saw that gold is up even when the markets are up. I don’t think we can view gold as we used to. It plays a new role in the market which is yet to be understood clearly. The big fear everyone has is that the market will make a correction and it will come crashing down, but no one knows or can predict that. It’s a good strategy to have gold in a portfolio for sure for balancing risk, and it is heavily supported by almost every single portfolio management theory, but we live in weird times, so it requires caution.

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