8 Tips For Preparing The Powerful Storms or Cyclone

Cyclones –

It refers to the most intense storms on sea with powerful winds due to low pressure. In this powerful storms large number of trees, electric poles, and houses are damage where the cyclone activates.

How Cyclone Nisarga got its name - process and origins explained ...

Today “Nisarg” cyclone is activate in  Arabian sea that damages trees, houses. and many more in Mumbai and several parts of Gujrat.  Before this, recently an another storm “Amphan” cyclone activated in Bay of Bengal that  damaged near Kolkata and several parts of Orissa in India.

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There are several steps for prepare the home and decreases the damages which are caused by powerful storms are as given below –

  1. First of all please you check the insurance policy will exist or not. You should also examine what type of insurance the insured and ensure that your insurance policy provides the money to that places where you live when your home is damaged by severe storm, flood, earthquakes and many more
  2. As you know that the strong winds can damage the houses and properties by trees. These winds may also damage the furniture, windows cars and roofs. Thus if the weather forecast such as storm are alert by the government then you can keep all things in the safe place within the house. If you are going out of station then you kept all things in the house which are placed on the roof of the house before leaving.
  3. During storm, it also harms the power supplies provided to your house so difficulty in find items when you leave house. Thus an emergency kit is placed in a strong, waterproof container which helps to find the items in a house during power cut. For more information about emergency kit please visit the NSW SES website.
  4. When alert for storm are given by the weather forecast then you daily listen local radio station and other news channels for weather warnings in your specific area. So you prepare for these problems when you got information about the storms such as power cut during storms thus you can charge the batteries for torch, mobiles, radios and electricity. You also kept water for future.
  5. Before reaching the storm in your area first of all you clean the gutters, pipes, drains regularly for preventing blockages during storm and heavy raining. Keep the important which are kept close to the drain and clean the gutters thus prevent the water entering your house and damage properties. Please plot the plants in all around the house for hiding the drainage grates during storm.
  6. If your area is high danger of storms or near the sea then regularly check the roof in every year. Clean the dirt so prevent the blockage of drainage. You should also maintain the damaged tiles in your house. Working on the roof is very dangerous so you can contact the expert tradesperson for check and maintaining the roof.  You should also examine the roof by an expert tradesperson in every 5 to 7 years.
  7. If your area is on high alert due to upcoming storm firstly trim the branches and trees that damage the properties and your house. Thus you also contact a qualified arborist or tree surgeon check trees in every 2 to 3 years for reduce the damage by storm.
  8. For facing any circumstances like storm or flood you can make a Home Emergency plan and chart what would you do in that emergency conditions for the protection of your family. During storm how can you face these difficulties and in contact with your family are included in the Home Emergency Plan

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  1. Funny, I finally decided to buy a generator for my house. The company is waiting for the permit to install it and we possibly have a storm coming this weekend! My power will probably go out, and after it comes back on I’ll get the generator, then it won’t go out again for another 10 years. 😒

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    1. daneelyunus says:

      Nice tip, thanks for reading my post

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