14 Impressive Health Benefits of Fasting (Roza) in Ramadan

Fasting is a practice that has been associated with every religion in some or the other. It helps improve blood sugar control, weight loss, heart functions, brain function and even cancer prevention. In day-to-day life some people above the age of 40 observe weekly fasting which is good for the health.

During Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating anything not even fruits, drinking any fluid from sunrise to sunset for about 14 hours in summer season once in a year for 29 or 30 days. They also avoid even tobacco, and other similar things.

Now days, Ramandan is celebrating in all over the world including India. Fasting (roza) is compulsory for all Muslims in Ramadan.  During fasting from sunrise to sunset, we are instructed to avoid consuming food, drinking liquids including water, sex and smoking. Fasting is a good for health, if properly put into practice during Ramadan. Fasting (Roza) promotes elimination of toxins from the body, decreases blood sugar and fat stores in the body. It also promotes healthy eating habits and boost immunity.

Health benefits of fasting (roza)

The benefits as described by experts are many which are as given below –

  1. It has positive effect on insulin sensitivity. Experts say that after fasting period , insulin becomes more effective
  2. It helps in reducing weight. During fast allows body to burn fat cells and promotes weight loss.
  3. . It improves digestive system effectively and promote healthy bowel function thus improving the metabolic system.
  4. It promotes longer life span.
  5. Fasting helps in our body to fight against common sickness before they even start. During fast, the cells are regenerating and remove old cells so it leads to strong immune system.
  6. It improves brain function. During fasting, production of proteins is helpful for brain function is improved as per study.
  7. Fasting are beneficial in lowering the blood pressure,  cholesterol level and sugar level in blood thus improves heart health as per study.
  8. It helps in improving self confidence.
  9. As per study, fasting is beneficial for patients who suffering from epilepsy.
  10. Fasting helps in burning fat and the toxins are released from our body thus it promotes detoxification which is beneficial for the health of the person as per study.
  11. It promotes heart health as it lowers blood sugar level, cholesterol and weight loss.
  12. Fasting also helps in the preventing the problem of obesity which is the mother of diseases as per study.
  13. As per study fasting could lowers several indications of inflammation and can beneficial for the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis.
  14. Fasting helps in increasing levels of human growth hormone (HGH) which is hormone protein that plays an important role for growth, muscle strength, weight loss and metabolism.

There are many other benefits of fasting such as it helps self-enlightenment and confidence in day-to-day working. Moreover for Muslims fasting (Roza) is one of the five pillars of Islam and is compulsory for every adult with medically fit.


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    Fasting also sets you up for a nice clean digestive system which will really work well in keeping people free of heart palpitations!

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