Role of business for enhancing Sustainable Development in different country contexts

Before discuss this topic first of all let us discuss what sustainable development is

Sustainable development is that type of development which meets the requirements of the present with no compromising the ability of upcoming generations to meet their own requirements. It has continued for developing as that of protecting the resources of world as its plan is to control the resources of world.  There is another sustainable development is environmentally sustainable economic growth which refers to the economic development which meets the requirements of all without leaving upcoming generations with less natural resources than those now we enjoy.

Image result for The role of business for enhancing Sustainable Development in different country contextsThe stable relationship between human activities and the natural world is the essence of this form of development that does not reduce the prediction for upcoming generations to enjoy life at least as good of your own.

In the environmentally sustainable economic growth several cultures over the course of human history have recognized the requirement for agreement between the society, economy and environment. The aim of sustainable development is to get balance agreement between socio-political sustainability environment sustainability, and economic sustainability.

Role of Business for Sustainable Development

The role of business is from micro-enterprises of different countries for achieving each of the aim of sustainable development. The United Nation is very clear about the expectation for profit sector in all over the world.

Business is a dynamic and well functioning sector which protects rights of labor with the health hazards and environmental.

Image result for The role of business for enhancing Sustainable Development in different country contexts

The business may help by preventing for creating problems which government have t fix.  There are some businesses create poverty and pollution that violate the rights of human and children. When we are achieve and maintain the aim of sustainable development, then practices must stop.

In addition, business can proactively work together with others for achieving each of the sustainable development goals by sustainable business operations which is responsible for innovation and investment. The trade in all over the world may be part of the solution by using apply chains is a powerful mechanism which provide help and resources to the developing country.

At present Sustainable Development Goals may be seen as great opportunities. The successful implementation of the sustainable development goals is to support the environment to do business and building markets. The companies struggle to thrive in different communities which is marked by conflict and instability for finding skilled or well trained labor where illiteracy occur or to endure natural disasters stemming due to change in climate.

The United Nation and others are not inexperienced in this sector. As we know profit will continue will be the main goal for some companies and some of the companies will still need to be observed. Some of the other companies call for more radical measures such as economic prosperity is one of the three fundamental aims of the sustainable development goals. Other companies understand that working inside the accessible business environment may achieve as a better assurance.

Already several companies working for achieving the goals of sustainable development is growing such as Schneider Electric is committed for achieving equality in gender through reducing the gender gap for its 150,000 workers in 2017.

Some of the companies struggle for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies. Ben & Jerry’s and PUMA support increase awareness, promote activities and peace-related causes for enhancing peace. In this year, Coca-Cola placed Small World Machines in India and Pakistan for providing a live communications portal to people which is divided by conflict in the hope for promoting cultural understanding.

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