How to use hair fibers

Hair fibers are made up of protein known as keratin. These fibers are also called hair camouflage or hair concealer. This type of fibers is very effective in camouflaging hair loss.

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By using hair fibers, it will instantly improve the look of the thinning hair. There are some tips for styling the hair properly and using hair fibers, it will make the thinner spots appear fuller which are discussed below

  1. Apply the hair fibers to dry hair – The hair fibers are apply when the hair is totally dry. If the fibers can become lumpy when used in wet hair. If you use gel, before using the hair fibers, style the hair and become dry up. When Gel is applied then it makes hard for the hair fibers to adhere properly. It makes the hair stick and making less hair are available for the hair fibers. So gel is not suitable for better result. If you improve the hair then use fiber hold spray for better adhesion and fixation of the hair. This type of spray binds the hair fibers and will fixate the hair which helps to retain the hair styling.
  2. Select the right color – These hair fibers are available in nine natural colors only. You choose the colors which are suitable your hair. First of all, mix 2 colors and try the colors one by one. By using the dark color as a base which is followed by the light color and will achieve the best result.
  3. Use exact amount of hair fibers – You did not use too many hair fibers on hair for good result. Less amount of using hair fibers is generally to give good result. If you use too many hair fibers then it’s looking unnatural. Hair fibers are used is depends on your hair condition and color. Use the exact amount so that achieve a good result by using less fibers easily. You can use the hair fibers with your fingers with brush the hair is very light. If you not achieve the good result then repeat this until you are happy with the result.
  4. Apply hair fiber applicator – Hair fiber applicator is very suitable when apply keratin hair fibers. This device can be attached to a bottle of hair fibers. The right amount of hair fibers are applied t when using applicator in thinning areas. Thus the applicator gives a better natural look in expensive price. When using the applicator then recommend to you shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly. In this way, hair fibers keep their loose structure and achieve result by using applicator.
  5. Apply hairline optimizer – When you lose hair at the hairline then make a perfect natural looking hairline. It is possible by scattering the hair fibers across the hair then wiping the excess hair fibers. By using hairline optimizer, the hairline looks natural always. It is more efficient due to it takes less time and saves hair fibers. The hairline applicator is used on the hair fibers more precisely along the hairline.
  6. Use fiber hold spray for protection – The fiber hold spray are used for increasing the bond between the keratin hair building fibers. Natural ingredients such as vitamin B5 are used in soften the hair for naturally appearance of hair. When you use fiber hold spray, then use right amount provides the best result. When using spray then you can brush your hair in softer style as the spray retains its strength.

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