How to regrow hairs naturally after hair transplant

Hair transplant – It is a latest technique in which collects the hair follicles from the donor site of the body and transplanted to a bald portion or recipient site of the body. Hair transplant is mainly used for male baldness. This technique is also be used for regrow hair on eyebrows, chest, beard, eyelashes and many more.

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There are some tips for regrow the hair naturally after hair transplant surgery are given below –

  1. Just after surgery, patients can use anti-clot shampoos and serums to mildly remove the blood clots with no harm the newly transplanted hairs.
  2. After a surgery waiting for same days to wash the hair. Patients use only mild shampoos in the first some weeks.
  3. After 3 weeks of surgery, do not press a comb down over the new graft which affects the newly hair.
  4. The patients may experience acne after four months of surgery. Acne is infected with the new growing hair. If the recently hair transplanted by the patient, the follicular units are weak and unable of regenerating strong hairs.
  5. Patient does not wear jackets, and hats or pullover shirts without the consult with doctor.
  6. Do not exercise a week after a hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is for great benefit for individual who suffer from baldness. After surgery he may looks like younger as compared with previous. There are several hair transplant clinics in all over India which provides best services with proficient doctors which are expert in hair transplant surgery. If you are suffering with hair baldness then search and visit hair transplant clinic for the permanent treatment of hair baldness. These clinics also provide cosmetic-surgery especially for women.

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