Hair transplantation as a permanent solution of hair baldness

Now we discuss about hair problems such as hair loss or hair baldness is the one of the main disease in India.Several reasons of hair due to Scalp infections, keeping hairstyles such as tight ponytails, cornrows, or braids for many years, medications, such as high doses of vitamin A, blood thinners, and steroids which helps in building muscles called as anabolic steroids by using some men or sportsperson. The weather conditions and air pollution are also responsible for hair loss in our country.

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There is at about 95 percent of people suffer with hair loss because of genetic condition and get disease with our parents. Hair loss is also caused by hormonal changes and stress.Young boys are interested in latest hair fashions and making different hair styles thus using not good quality of shampoos, gel and dyes which causes hair loss. Some people think that by using shampoo, or any other cosmetics can solve the problem of hair loss. But this is not a solution of hair baldness.

Hair transplant is permanent solution for hair baldness. It is a procedure of surgery in which collect hair from the back side of head and transplanted where no hair grows. After hair transplant surgery, naturally hair grows just as original one. The color of hair is also same as original after surgery. Thus the success rate of surgeries of hair transplant is 98 percent.

Male pattern baldness or hair loss is also indication of a serious medical problem such as cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. If you observe that hair fall is due to any reason then please visits in any hospital for the treatment of hair baldness or hair fall then got fully satisfied with the hair transplant surgery and services. The best consultants in any hospital which provide tips after hair transplant surgery.


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