10 Amazing Health Benefits of Fast (Roza) in Ramadan

Ramadan fasting is an Islamic religious fast strictly observed by Muslim every year in all over the world for 30 days.

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At present Ramandan is celebrating in all over the world including India. Fasting (roza) is compulsory for all Muslims in Ramadan.  During fasting from sunrise to sunset, we are instructed to avoid drinking liquids including water, consuming food, sex and smoking. Fasting is a good for health, if properly put into practice during Ramadan. Fasting (Roza) promotes elimination of toxins from the body, decreases blood sugar and fat stores in the body. It also promotes healthy eating habits and boost immunity.

Health benefits of fasting (roza) – There are several health benefits of fast (Roza) are discussed below –

  1. Promotes detoxification – During fast, when no food is consumed by the body, the body converts the stored fat into energy that releases chemicals from the fatty reserves which results in the elimination of these chemicals through the organs. Processed foods which are taken in lunch and dinner contain lots of additives. These additives in food may become toxins in our body. Majority of the toxins are stored in fats. During fast, fat is burnt during fasting and the toxins are released. The kidneys, liver, and other organs in the body that are involved in detoxification.
  2. Decrease blood sugar – Regular fasting in Ramadan helps in reducing blood sugar levels and reduces insulin resistance.
  3. Good for heart health – Fasting lowers the blood sugar which is good for heart. As per study, fasting helps in lowering blood pressure, body mass, triglycerides, and increasing insulin sensitivity and levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.
  4. Improves immune system – Fasting helps in our body to fight common sicknesses before they even start. The cells are regenerating during fast and replacing old cells thus it leads to stronger immune system.
  5. Cure Epilepsy – Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which an individual suffers from recurrent convulsions which can lead to a change in behavior. As per study, fasting is beneficial for patients who suffering from epilepsy.
  6. Lower obesity – The main benefits of obesity is to reduce obesity for a long time. Obesity is the mother of all diseases. As per study, reduce obesity of a person after fasting. During fasting, the liver enzymes and breaks fat and cholesterol into important bile acids that stimulate the metabolism and convert the extra fat into heat. It also helps for avoiding overeating as it controls the hunger hormone levels such as ghrelin. Regular fasting also improves eating patterns over time.
  7. Weight loss – Regular fast in Ramadan increases metabolism and help in preserve muscle tissue for decreasing weight of the body.
  8. Reduces cholesterol – As per study, observing fast in  Ramadan helps in reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Low cholesterol is good health and lowers the risk of heart attack, or a stroke.
  9. Improves digestive system – Regular fasting in Ramadan may improves digestive system .It can energize metabolism to burn through calories more efficiently. Fasting can improve digestion and promote healthy bowel function, thus improving the metabolic function.
  10. Reduce blood pressure – During fast, reduces the body’s salt intake that lowers the blood pressure of the body.